Scope of Learning the German Language

It has been found that every year around 2 million students pursue German courses from German universities and around 20 million students from across the world. Learning a new language can be one of the most interesting things you have decided. Individuals have been learning German, French, Spanish, etc. in places across the world. German language being one of the most common also leads to a broad scope of opportunities. So, if you have already decided that you want to learn the German language, you will need to join a reputed institution to teach and certify you with a degree. The next step is to look for the best German course that suits your needs. There are various German language learning courses in India from where you could choose. There could be different courses in different universities and institutions.

  • 2 Years, Full Time Doctorate Degree with Masters and PhD Programs
  • Around 50 Hours, Full Time, Exam Preparation for German
  • Around 30 Hours Part Time, Certification
  • 3 months to 1 year, Part Time, Diploma

These are few of the types of the German language learning courses in India. What you should keep in mind is that the course is affiliated from a recognized university.
So once you have joined a course; other than that there could be other factors that would help you to make your learning more effective and easy. This will help you to build a career in respective field.

Group Courses

These can be either a course at your own college or in your locality. There are various German universities offering short term courses. Other than those there are online courses offered by many institutes here in India which will offer you a range of diverse accompanying courses.

Language Partnership

Even though you are taking a course, it would definitely help if you are able to stay in touch of people belonging to Germany or of even who have learnt the language. Being in an environment where you are hearing the language most of the time and at the same time are able to ask if you have any questions or confusions, would make the learning easy and interesting.

Learn on your Own

It is possible that you are learning German along with some other day to day job or activity. It is good that other than the regular classes that you are taking, you keep learning on your own. Carry a book always with you and whenever you get time, start revising or practicing it. Saying it out loud is a great idea as it will make the learning faster.

As a matter of fact it not only adds value to your learning but it is also highly considered as a vocational course which could open your doors to various job opportunities. An expert in German language will have the opportunity to work for the following profiles:

  • Translator for Government Organizations (Embassies) & Multinationals
  • Interpreter
  • Tour Guide in Travel Industry
  • Cabin Crew -Air Hostess or Flight Steward
  • Trainer of German Language
  • Guest relations at hospitality management centers
  • Freelancer Translators, Writers, Interpreters
  • Work in Publishing

The biggest advantage is the pay package that you get in such jobs after having a degree in foreign language course. The remuneration is very attractive; however it largely depends on the proficiency of your skills. Therefore it is extremely important that you pursue the course from a reputed institution.

Another benefit is that you not only get job offers in India but knowing a foreign language will open doors to vacancies in various countries. This is one job, where supply is still short as compared to the demand for suitable candidates. So if you are planning to do a course in the German language, don’t think and go ahead.

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