How to effectively crack a Job interview

Freshers are under tremendous pressure to nail interviews held in campus. If you have prepared well a carrying solid resume, then I don’t see anything stopping you to achieve what you are looking for. In this post I will be sharing some very important points also few tips that will help you to get your dream job.

Some Common Questions

Whileyou are awaiting your campus interviews, try and answer the following questions referring your personal experiences.

One important tip is that you should keep this thing in mind that you are just fresher graduate and your employer is aware of this fact. They will try and make you feel comfortable to a greater extent so that they get the raw talents out of you. So it is advisable to be cool and don’t panic. Just prepare yourself to answer the following common interview questions that are asked in interviews for sure.

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Share your most exciting moment in your college
  3. Tell us something about your dream job
  4. Why have you chosen this particular subject?
  5. Why you think we should we hire you and what are your career goals?
  6. Discuss your strength and weakness?
  7. Where do you in next five years?
  8. Are you a flexible and effective team player? Support your answer with an example
  9. How much salary do you expect?
  10. What do you know about our Company?
  11. Do you have any questions?

7 important interview tips for freshers

Tip 1 – If you are giving interview for the first time it is quite obvious that you will feel nervous and jittery. Your first interview call can lead to mixed emotions of nervousness, anticipation and excitement. As you are going for fresher jobs, there are chances that you will see many candidates for that one vacancy. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you have to impress the employer in the interview itself. Also, since you are a fresher and you have no past experience to show, it is only your personality and qualification that can get you the job.

Tip 2 –  You should give interview with a mindset that you will quickly answer the questions, but those answers should be convincing and show your confidence and smart-mindedness. In this article, I have listed few important questions above which will guide you to answer quickly and help you get that fresher job.

Tip 3 – As discussed above the most common question asked is: ‘Tell me about yourself’. This is an open-ended question and your best chance to impress the employer. Many people do not answer this question in the correct way and end up giving personal information and small information about how suitable they are for the job. So it is advisable to go through the job description and use this question effectively to your own advantage. While answering this question, talk about your strengths as a student and some important lessons you have learnt till now.

Tip 4 – The recruiter will ask about your strengths. You can reply to this question by giving few examples that you like taking up new challenges and can tackle them in an organized way. Challenges are there in all types of job profiles so; this way you can impress the recruiter. You can also say that you have the ability to find unique solutions to problems. However, it goes without saying that you will back your answers with some good examples as not doing that will not fulfill the purpose.

Tip 5 – Many recruiters will probe on your weakness. This question is quite tricky; though you can also turn this question to your advantage. It is advisable that you draft some ‘good’ weaknesses, rather than saying that you are egoistic, lazy, etc. It would be a better idea to say that you don’t like to leave your work in the middle and for that reason many times, you end up neglecting your personal life. You can mention that you get irritated easily if someone is not delivering as promised which will automatically shows that you are quite committed to deliver things on time.

Tip 6 – There are chances that the employer will ask you why they should offer you this job. This is the way they will assess that how you rate yourself. At this time, forget about being modest and understate your abilities. Instead, highlight your skills and passion that would be fit for the job. Abilities may include your skill to execute long-term projects and how well adapt to different situations and challenges.

Tip 7 – Once the recruiter has finished his set of questions, now it is your turn to ask questions to the interviewer. You can ask simple and important question related to the job profile and the vision of the company. However, it would better that you do not ask about your salary or first appraisal at this time as these questions are only asked after you have been appointed that

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