Kerala PSC Questions 7: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

GK 7 General Knowledge Questions

1. The velocity of the sound in Vaccum is:

Answer: Less than in air

2. The Heavy Engineering Corporation is at :

Answer: Ranchi

3. Where is Central Mining Research Station?

Answer: Dhanbad

4. Where is the Indian Institute of Petroleum?

Answer: Dehradun

5. Where is the Central Drug Research Institute situated?

Answer: Lucknow

6. Which Indian state is often called ‘The Heart of India’?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

7. Largest Zoo in India is the :

Answer: Guwahati Zoo

8. In which district is the Malampuzha Gardens?

Answer: Palakkad

9. Gandhi Sagar Dam is on the river :

Answer: Chambal

10. Chanakya’s other name was:

Answer: Kautilya

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