Kerala PSC Questions 6: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

GK 6 General Knowledge Questions

1. The novel ‘Gora’ is written by :

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

2. Where is the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research situated?

Answer: Mumbai

3. With which of the following fields is Birju Maharaj associated?

a. Medicine

b. Literature

c. Dance

d. Music

Answer: Dance

4. Tamil, Telengu and Malayalam belong to which linguistic family?

Answer: Dravidian

5. The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award are given for excellence in:

Answer: Science and Technology

6. Nilgiris are part of :

Answer: Western Ghats

7. Pediatrician is a :

Answer: Child Specialist

8. Pentagon refers to :

Answer: The Defence department of U.S.A

9. Which of the following disease is caused due to shortage of red blood cells?

a. Arthritis

b. Anaemia

c. Lukaemia

d. Meningitis

Answer: Anaemia

10. Coffee is not grown in

a. Maharashtra

b. Kerala

c. Tamil Nadu

d. Karnataka

Answer: Maharashtra

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