Kerala PSC Questions 11: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of :

Answer: Cancer

2. The country with highest Newspaper circulation?

Answer: Japan

3. The Indian Bank with over 9000 branches?

Answer: State Bank of India

4. Which is the Land of White Elephants?

Answer: Thailand

5. Kerala Panineeyam was written by :

Answer: A.R. Raja Raja Varma

6. The new name of Ceylon is :

Answer: Sri Lanka

7. Andhra Pradesh was formed in the year :

Answer: 1953

8. The Red Fort was built by :

Answer: Shajahan

9. The Capital of Arunachal Pradesh is :

Answer: Itanagar

10. One Mile is equal to :

Answer: 1.61 km

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