Facts that make you a Great Job Seeker

With the growth of the Internet, everything has become so easy. No one would have ever thought that we would carry the entire world in small sized phones in our pockets. From purchasing goods to seeking a job, everything can be done online. But there is another aspect of job search. You need to be a great job seeker. You may be an expert, knowledgeable person but getting a perfect job depends a lot on how good a job seeker are you. We have listed out some of these cool facts that make you a great job seeker.

Your own network

As per a study in 2012, there were more than 3 million jobs and amazingly 80% of them were not advertised. So, your family, friends, acquaintances and relatives are an important part in getting you a good job. The people in your own network can play an instrumental role providing you adequate resources that can land you in your dream job.Many big corporations give incentives to their employees who refer their friends and relatives to work. You might have a friend working in a good company and he will be more than willing to help you get this job. So, go ahead and ask. You might get your dream job without filling up the advertisement form.


Your personality is unique. As per psychologists, to know about a person you ought to know around 10 aspects of his behavior. Your personality includes your dressing sense, the way you  communicate with others. As per a survey, 40% of the people get hired due to their good personality traits. Your resume is typed well and speaks out all good about you put your personality should tally with the resume text. Most of the times, though you may not be more qualified than the others, still you can leave a great impression on the interviewer with your striking personality.

Your Resume

Your resume is a one or two paged letters that provide all the information about you. It should be as simple without any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Job seekers should keep in mind that a clean, well-formatted and grammatically correct resume can increase your chances of hiring by four times. Ensure you write the objective clearly and avoid providing any incorrect information. For being a good job seeker, your resume should highlight your duties and accomplishments in previous jobs. Avoid criticizing any previous employer and refrain from using a flowery language.

Cover letter

This is what many job seekers miss out on when applying for a job. In layman’s term, it is equally as important for you as a resume. A cover letter issimplyan introductory letter explaining your accomplishments and reasons why you are the best person to be hired for that job. Good job seekers keep their cover letters simple, error free and in brief. Typing a cover letter of more than a single page is useless. Anyways, your resume is going to accompany the cover letter.

Believe in yourself

Good job seekers have faith in their capabilities and they know that this job is theirs. Instead of worrying about the competition, they simply focus on telling the employer that they are the best person for this job. There might be only one job opening for a hundred people sitting beside you in the office reception. It is your belief and confidence that can get you hired among the remaining 99. The employers like to hire confident people.

Don’t settle for less

If you have failed an interview, you might be reluctant to take another fearing the worst to happen. Great job seekers never settle for less. They keep on looking for more opportunities and this is why even though they fail once or twice, they get their dream job. You should exactly know how to bounce back from adversity. Go for another interview and focus on what you can instead the reverse.

Placement agencies

Big corporations have made placement agencies richer since the past two decades. Good job seekers submit their resume to almost each placement agency they know about. Keeping in touch with them means getting latest information about the interview. These agencies are constantly in touch with the Human Resource Department of companies.


As put by Paul Coelho, if you really want anything, the entire Universe will “conspire” and ensure that you receive that thing. So, believe in yourself and develop the person within you. You can achieve anything you want- of course your dream job as well.

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