15 things that happened to you in last year of the college

College time is undoubtedly the most exciting phase of our lives.  The things that we do, and the friends we make, leave a long lasting impression on our future. Doesn’t make much of a difference whether you pass from an IIT or a private engineering college of a sleepy dusty town. There are certain things that remain common- the fun you have with your friends and teachers, and the memories that you build along the course of time.

1. Friends become everything for you

As the realization dawns upon that the college time is finally getting over, you suddenly want to spend your every second with your friends. Whether it is going for a movie, late night parties, or the tea at college canteen, all your time is dedicated to the needs and wants of your friends.

2. Bunking lectures is the new rule

Bunking lectures was never this easy. As one progresses towards the end of college life lectures become a relic of the past. Mass bunks become a norm rather than an exception.

3. You start taking care of your teachers

Respecting your teachers was never your stronghold. In fact a whole lot of college humor came from ridiculing their dressing sense or teaching style. Your bashful attitude might even have rubbed many of your teachers the wrong way. However, come last year and all you think of is making up with all those whom you couldn’t quite please during the entire college time. After all, who doesn’t need good marks in the final internal assessment?

4. You start worrying about placements

You suddenly realize the importance of having a job. If you are in an engineering or MBA institute your biggest concern will definitely be getting placed in a good company. Half of your time is spent between placement drives, on-campus or off-campus.

5. Creating the perfect resume becomes your next goal

Your job seeking efforts include creating a resume. You might have taken the help of your senior pass outs for the same. Some resume building services for fresher also must have come to your aid in this pursuit.

6. You dread at the thought of separating from your girlfriend/boyfriend

This might be a little sad one. Hell yes, it was sad. Who would like to separate from his girlfriend/boyfriend?  How can one forget the mushy romantic time you spent with your girlfriend in your favorite secret corner of the college?

7. You start preparing for the grand farewell

Amidst the entire sadness one thing that still makes you happy is the thought of a grand farewell. You put your shopping shoes to get the best dress, makeup, and grooming for that special night.

8. Photography becomes your favorite pastime

It’s time to capture all the memories in your camera. From selfies with your friends to panoramic shots of your college and playground, this is the time when you suddenly find yourself using a camera more often than ever. Each day you spend hours on perfecting the pose.

9. Your juniors suddenly become more respectful

Did you notice a visible change in the behavior and body language of your juniors? Those who did not cared about your existence are suddenly coming up wishing you a good luck for the future. They realize that you might act as a good professional connection and be able to offer them a foot in the door when they pass out. So now you know why your popularity suddenly zoomed up.

10. You start becoming nostalgic about nooks and corners of the college

The college was just another place where you went everyday to complete your higher education. However, in the last few days the college is nothing less than a tourist place, whose every nook and corner holds a special importance. There might be one unofficial lover’s point and then there are secret place where only you and your gang hanged out.

11. All bad blood is resolved as you realize you may never see your “enemies” again

College is an exciting time. Adrenalin runs high amongst the youth. You make friends and then you make some “enemies”, picking fight for petty reasons. However, as the college life nears its completion you realize how naïve you were, at times fighting for no reason whatsoever. It’s time to make amends and embrace everyone with an open heart.

12. You start thinking like an alumni from a student

Alumni represent the pedigree and credibility of the college. They are view with respect. As you pass out, everyone looks up to you to make their college proud. From a student, you suddenly find yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with your teachers, sometimes even outracing them. Till now you expected from the college, and now the college expects from you.

13. You realize that you will be probably moving back with your parents

Certainly not the best feeling on the planet-from staying independently in college hostel or a PG you are about to move in to your parent’s place at least till the time you get a dependable job. You miss all the freedom and excitement at home, at least for a particular period of time.

14. You start preparing for your future education plans

Many of you must be thinking of making it to some Tier 1 business college after graduation. There might be others who had planned for moving out of the country for higher education. Your last days of college will be spent in preparing for the same.

15. Partying and getting wasted

Suddenly you make it a point to partying hard as this is the final frontier. Alcohol consumption certainly experiences a hike during this time across the entire country.

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