Online MBA Programs and their Significance in the Professional World

An MBA program needs no introduction. One of the most coveted courses pursued by millions of students, these days the online MBA program has become quite popular. Online MBAs are also offered in a variety of disciplines. The following post provides a detail insight into online MBA programmes.

MBA programs are offered by many business schools on a full time or part-time basis. Nowadays various distance learning programs and online MBA programs are also introduced. The same business school offering a full-time MBA program may offer online MBA courses. However, such courses have some limitations as well.

Online MBA Programs – an Overview

An online MBA is a degree program offered by a business school with the facility to study with online course materials and online exams. A student opting for an online MBA will have to clear all tests and exams online and attain a degree at the end. This is basically a self-study based program. Just like a traditional MBA, an online MBA trains the students with analytical and decision making skills. Online MBA is the best option if one wishes to do a job and study at the same time. Online programs are also of two types like all-online programs and combination programs. The first one allows the availability of all study materials online and there’s no need of a student to be present on a physical campus. In a combination programs a part of the course is conducted online while the other part, in a campus-based classroom.

How different is it from traditional MBA?

Online MBA courses are programs designed online and all study materials, classroom lectures and evaluations are done online. On the other hand a traditional online program is just like any other course of study where the physical presence of the student is solicited in a college or university campus. The student needs to be present in all the classroom lectures and sit for evaluations and exams within the campus. This is the basic and the main difference of an online MBA and traditional MBA. While pursuing a traditional MBA, no other courses or job can be carried on as this is a full-time classroom program. On the contrary a student can earn while he/she learns if opting for an online MBA. All study materials are uploaded time to time by the college authority dealing with an online MBA program and the students can study according to flexible times. However, it is advisable to choose a reputed college or business school for pursuing an online MBA program.

Pros and Cons of pursuing an Online MBA

Though pursuing an online MBA is a flexible option for many, but these programs have its good and bad sides. The drawbacks should also be taken into consideration before opting for an online MBA.

Benefits of an online MBA program

The greatest benefit of an online MBA is that one can study according to his/her chosen time and attending classroom lectures is not mandatory. This advantage allows an individual to do other works also along with studying. This is particularly helpful for those who are already into a job and also had to manage a family life.

As far as the market scenario is concerned companies generally do not have an issue regarding an online MBA degree. An individual with an online degree is gi9ven the same priority like an individual with a traditional degree. Such online MBA programs are also cost effective as they charge less than a traditional MBA. Often private help is also provided by the instructors of the institution arranging the online program.

Shortcomings of an online MBA program

Sometimes an online MBA degree is not given much importance by some companies. A deserving candidate may not be able to grab a respectful job because of the mode of the MBA degree. In this case one should be well prepared for the interview as this may be helpful in grabbing the dream job in spite of an online MBA degree. In a business school there are numerous teachers and students who get to interact with each other. The business school authority may also arrange for seminars by top professionals to guide the students to secure lucrative jobs. But such networking is not possible in an online MBA program. Sometimes studying in a group is more effective than studying alone. This also improves group discussion and leadership ability of an individual. This opportunity is not fulfilled in an online MBA program.

Having said this, it must also be noted that in keeping with the modern times, opting for an online MBA is definitely a good choice.

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