Four fantastic ways to improve your smart phone experience

We live in an age, where everything is smart. By smart, we do not mean having good looks and sex appeal, but we mean technology, speed and information which is on the go. By smart, we also mean the kind of options and accessibility a piece of technology can provide you in the modern day world.  Just like other technological revolutions like smart televisions and 4D movies, smart phones is another great breakthrough in the field of cellular communications.
If it wasn’t for smart phones, we would not see the internet penetration growing with two folds today. The integration of smart phones with the technology and the internet world, has made it another never-ending world of possibilities just like computers. Today, smart phones or phones, are not just used for the basic connectivity like a phone call or a text message. A phone serves a much wider and expanded purpose in the modern day world of technology. It can help a student to finish his assignment on the go, or take you back on the highway roads if you are lost in a jungle, that’s the kind of power smart phones possess these days and it is only going to increase as time pass by and more breakthroughs in this field take place. Today’s guest post will feature four ways to using smart phones to improve your productivity and help yourselves on the go.

Using the facility of App and Google Play Store

When we talk about smart phones and their use, we also talk about a whole world of amazing applications. The two most popular smart phones world Android and IOS offer a complete virtual playground of different applications to be installed on the phone and benefit from them. Applications from amazing and latest games, to video players, cameras and instant messengers can be easily downloaded and most of them are available for free. However, if you wish to improve your productivity, then downloading applications that help you get your work done is what will make it better. You can download tools like documentation applications, office related applications, for example, Microsoft word like tools and GPS maps.

Using free calling messengers

Get beyond the basic phone call or a text message. If you wish to feel the power and cost cutting that comes with smart phones, download connectivity tools which can save your time as well. Applications like video calling software and instant messengers that allow you instant free calling services for any number of hours are some of the prime examples of improvising on your connectivity and being more productive with your smart phones.

Download social media tools

Join important networks and social media forums, to get instant access to what is going on around the world and find recent updated information. Platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, can keep you connected globally round the clock.

Use built-in virtual assistants

To further enhance your knowledge and productivity, use subscriptions that allow you to access software and news on the go. This means you will always have everything with you and not have to wait for information to come to you.

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