Why Should We Hire You?- Learn How To Answer The Most Dreaded Question

‘Why should I/we hire you’ is one question that surely causes a great deal of nervousness to the interviewees around the world. But, this is also something that every employer requires an answer to. Being an interviewee and a prospective future employee, you must take this opportunity to amaze them with your skills and capabilities. All you need to do is to give them just three or four top reasons that would make them hire you right away! Take a look at the following tips, and learn how you can successfully answer this question to increase your chances of landing the job:

  • Understand The Job Description

You must start with the job description, and work your way through to the perfect answer. Make a mental note of the skills that are highly required by the employer, and use them to show how there is no one better than you for this position. For instance if you’re applying to an assignment writing service, it means you need to work your whole discussion around your research, writing or editing skills.

Reiterate your strengths and strongest selling points to align well with what they are looking for, and present best bullet points including a smart combination of your:

  • Experience in the industry
  • Best accomplishments so far
  • Trainings/diplomas
  • Awards
  • Soft and technical skills
  • Extensive experience in performing particular duties or tasks
  • Do Not Memorize Your Answer

No matter how confident you may think you are, you need to take out some time and practice your answer. There is no need to memorize; not only memorized answers sound completely scripted, they also keep you under a lot of pressure of remembering what line comes next.
Just be natural and behave normally. Come up with your best points, note them down, and then imagine yourself answering to the very same question again and again till you feel comfortable. Do not worry if the answer changes every time you practice.The important part is to prove yourself with the points you have in mind.

  • Clichéd Answers? A Big No, No!

Employers are tired of hearing the following responses to their ‘why should we hire you’ question:

  • I am very hard working
  • I am too honest
  • I am trustworthy
  • I am a great team player
  • I am a good learner

These sentences are a big turn-off for a lot of employers. The interviewers are interested in listening to real and genuine replies from the interviewees,not the same-old clichéd answers.

  • Present Yourself As A Solution To All Their Problems

Practice well on your sales pitch. Keep in mind that they are looking for someone who could be of great asset to their company. You may get side-tracked and share why you wish to work for them, but this is not the answer they are looking for. They are looking for someone innovative and unique. Therefore, show them that you are the one they are looking for. The following responses may give your employer a good reason to hire you:

  • I have the ability to take immediate charge of this department
  • I have extensive experience in this field, so I strongly feel I’m fit for this job
  • I have what it takes to bring profit to this organization
  • Avoid The Comparison With Your Peers

A mistake that almost all the interviewees make is to make a comparison with their competitors. Of course, the employer would search for the most suitable candidate for the position by making a comparison between all the candidates but that is something that you are not supposed to do. You possibly cannot know the weaknesses and strengths of your peers, so why bother comparing yourself with them? You simply cannot claim that you are smarter than your peer or more responsible.So, let the interviewer decide, and you just talk about yourself. The most important thing is to be enthusiastic and confident during the entire interview. You cannot learn what to say from your friends, your family or anyone else for that matter.It is only you who would have to brainstorm before answering to all the questions.

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