Why are the first ten minutes of your interview so crucial?

The vast experience and exposure that we receive over the course of our lives, it has made us better at critically analysing people and judging them in terms of personality. When it comes to the professional world, seniors who are employed on a higher position or roles have the kind of experience which allows them to instantly figure out things like whether a certain situation is going to be favourable or no, whether a certain project will work, how is a certain employee going to perform and whether an individual coming for the interview is good enough.

The last point is very important, because the topic is related to the interviews only. In the competitive and modern world of today, everything is about the first impression. Be it a brand on social media or in store, be it a movie in a cinema or a professional appearing for a job, if you do not make the right first impression, chances are you are going to lose the plot and with it the audience you have in front of you. Therefore, even in the interview sessions, the first ten minutes are alarmingly crucial and extremely important as well as decide more or less the fate of your interview and application. The guest post today will be talking about what happens in the first ten minutes of your interview and why are these ten minutes so important.

The Way You Dress And Introduce

When you are called in for the interview, the interviewer is generally sitting up straight waiting for you or is busy going through a quick glance of your profile or resume. Whatever the situation is, the moment you enter the room he is going to leave everything and give his full attention to your entry. From then on, the timer starts and your first impression is going to be calculated. The way you sit and start introducing yourselves is vital, because it will set the tone of your interview. Being nervous or saying things which are not correct about you can make for a very bad start.

The Way You Answer Questions

In the first ten minutes, right after your introduction, the interviewer is going to quickly throw some comprehensive questions to you. The way you answer them is again very important and the kind of answers you provide. All the answers will set the basic platform for the rest of your interview. Sometimes candidates do not talk a lot and the interviewer eventually loses interest in them because they have nothing to tell about themselves or their experiences.

Your Pose

Another important element of your interview, which is going to be noted in the first ten minutes, is your pose. The way you sit and move defines how confident or nervous you are, if you are too nervous, you will be really shaky, try moving your legs and sit tightly.

Your Way Of Talking

The way you choose the topics to talk about initially and your way of answering important questions again are going to be very important, as it will define how much knowledge, experience and ability to convince you have while talking.

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