What makes good Civil Service and Government Job preparation Institutes in Kerala?

Mantra for cracking the most crucial exams of your life: Be motivated. Keep practising. Have a strict schedule. One thing that all Civil service and government job aspirants vouch for is the importance of a good institute.

The need to attend a Civil Service institute is to know not only what you need to study but also what not to study. This article talks about the things you need to consider before enrolling in a Civil Service plus government exam preparation institute in Kerala.

Cracking a Civil Services exam or bagging a government job is every Indian’s dream, therefore the importance of institutes that prepare you for this area, automatically becomes prime in a state like Kerala, which always tops the list of the most educated state of India. However, before you start searching for a Civil Service institute in one of the most educated state of India, you need to analyze your strong and weak points. It’s no point enrolling in an institute which only excels in GK preparation when you have no clue about what to study in the optional subjects.

Features of a good civil service institute in Kerala

Coaching is the most integral part of the Civil Service and Government job preparation process, a wrong decision will not only consume your money but also a huge part of your crucial time which you can never afford to waste when preparing for such exams which only happen once a year and holds the power to change your life.

There are many Civil Service institutes in Kerala that are known to provide excellent coaching, however there are a few that tops the list, they are:

  • Confidence IAS Academy
  • Naipunnya Academy
  • Brilliance IAS
  • Centre for continuing education Kerala
  • National Academy for the Civil services examination

The factors that make a Civil Service, Government Job preparation Institute prime in Kerala are:

1. Feedback

The feedback of a good Civil Service and Govt. job exam preparation institute is always good, irrespective of where and from whom you are taking this feedback from. The ex students, teachers, reviewers etc. will all have only good things to say about the institute.

2. Student to teacher ratio

A good institute will have a student teacher ratio good enough to make all aspirants understand concepts and give them the space to ask and get their questions answered.

3. Scope of study

The institute should have experts to teach all main plus optional subjects required in the exams. They should also use study material of present time and teach using a large database of last year question papers.

4. Flexible timing

A good institute offer classes in flexible timings, to make it easier for working professionals or students to attend the classes comfortably, without any interference with their work or class timings.

5. Allows demo classes

Most good Civil Service and Govt. job preparation institutes in Kerala allow students to take demo classes to make it easy for them to know if they are comfortable in attending the classes in future. The above mentioned factors are common in all reputed Government jobs plus Civil Service preparation institutes in Kerala and the world.

However, there is a good chance that you don’t have a good institute in your locality or the one that are there are too expensive to fit in your budget. In such a case, you can always use personal coaching as a backup option.

Personal Coaching

If lack of money and/ or time is restricting you from attending a coaching institute, you can switch to personal coaching, but remember it needs much more dedication than what attending a coaching institute does. Before you start preparing; have all last year paper, study material etc. ready with you. Analyze your strong and weak points and allot time to those sections accordingly. Always remember that the most crucial thing in preparing for Civil Services and Government jobs is TIME, you cannot afford to get distracted especially when you are out educating yourself, without any external help.

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