Kerala PSC University Assistant Practice Questions 2019

University Assistant Practice Questions: Kerala Public Service Commission has released University Assistant 2019 exam notification. Here can check and apply for Kerala PSC University Assistant exam – Notification University Assistant.

In this post contains Kerala PSC University Assistant Practice Questions for 2019. Also here uploading questions in PDF format. Candidates can download 100 practice questions and answers absolutely free of cost.

University Assistant Practice Questions

1. Who had put forward the idea of People’s Plan aiming at the integrated development of India?
Answer: M.N. Roy

2. Where is the headquarters of Amnesty International, the international human rights organization?
Answer: London

3. Where was the world famous Peacock Throne (Mayura Simhasanam) kept at?
Answer: Diwan-i-Khas

4. Whose original name was Ramtanu Pande?
Answer: Tansen

5. Pick up the person from the list below who had associated with the revolutionary organization Lotus and Dagger?
(a) Subramanya Bharathi
(b) Aurobindo Ghosh
(c) Soorya Sen
(d) Bhagat Singh
Answer: Aurobindo Ghosh

6. Name the chemical which is known as Blue Vitriol?
Answer: Copper Sulfate

7. Which one of the following currencies has the highest exchange value compared to Indian rupee?
(a) Swiss Franc
(b) U.S. Dollar
(c) Euro
(d) Pound Sterling
Answer: Pound Sterling

8. What is the full form of INTER POL?
Answer: International Criminal Police Organization

9. Which of the first country that implemented mercy killing/ Euthanasia?
Answer: Netherlands

10. Kunthan in the character of which Malayalam novel?
Answer: Marubhoomikal Undakunnathu

11. What is the objective of the ASHA project in Kerala?
Answer: To ensure better health care for rural poor

12. Which is the first Malayalam film that collected over Rs.100 crore?
Answer: Pulimurukan

13. Who is the author of novel ‘Kanyavanangal’?
Answer: Punathil Kunjabdulla

14. ‘Vijnana kairali’ is the mouth piece of?
Answer: Kerala Bhasha Institute

15. Among the below mentioned who was not the member of the Cabinet Mission?
(a) Pethick Lawrence
(b) Stafford Cripps
(c) A.V. Alexander
(d) Herbert Morrison
Answer: Herbert Morrison

16. When did Sikkim join the Union of India?
Answer: 1975

17. Which kingdom was known as ‘Nediyiruppu’?
Answer: Kozhikode

18. Name the Travancore Maharaj who was known as ‘Dharmaraja’?
Answer: Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma

19. Who introduced Binomial Nomenclature in the classification of living organisms?
Answer: Carl Linnaeus

20. In which year Pluto lost its planetary status?
Answer: 2006

21. Who first introduced the term ‘Black Hole’?
Answer: John Wheeler

22. Name the lone Malayali who served as the Kerala governor?
Answer: V. Viswanathan

23. Sahithya Kireedam was the name of which reformation leader’s residence?
Answer: Pandit K.P. Karuppan

24. In which state Nathu La Pass locates?
Answer: Sikkim

25. Which was the first Indian communication satellite?
Answer: APPLE

26. Of the following which is not the official language of the UN?
(a) Arabic
(c) English
(d) Hindi
Answer: Hindi

27. Which is the motherland of Albert Einstein?
Answer: Germany

28. What is called the study of moon?
Answer: Selenography

29. Vardhamana Mahavira is ________ the Tirthankara Jainism?
Answer: 24

30. Birju Maharaj is associated with which dance form?
Answer: Kathak

31. Who wrote the Sanskrit grammar text ‘Mahabhagya’?
Answer: Patanjali

32. NASDAQ is the stock exchange of which country?
Answer: USA

33. The POCSO Act of 2012 is intented for:
Answer: The welfare of children

34. Which state’s folk dance is Rouff?
Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

35. who is the author of the book ‘Planned Economy for India’?
Answer: M. Visvesvaraya

36. Whose memoir is Living History?
Answer: Hillary Clinton

37. Where is the National Judicial Academy headquartered?
Answer: Bhopal

38. Which is the largest salt producing state?
Answer: Gujarat

39. In which year India’s Population Policy was announced?
Answer: 1976

40. What is the autobiography of the notes Journalist Kuldip Nayyar?
Answer: Beyond the Lines

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