Tips and suggestions for more efficient searches in Google

Guest Post Google is undoubtedly the great giant that owns search, and that title has not only managed to be good and better than average. Use Google has enormous potential, thanks to its powerful search engine. And, if we use some tricks or best practices for the same search engine, we can increase the relevance of the results we get.
Most people use Google to search, but took advantage of everything they offer us the different tools that integrates the search. Google never fails to add new features and enhancements to the service, and although on several occasions have commented on various form of Bitelia improve search on Google, it is good to review these tips from time to time and see what we can do today, we did not know 6 months ago; especially since Google began implementing instant results style card how toNow on Google Android.

Search for exact phrases

When we want the search engine to find results that contains all the words of a sentence, no more any less. We use quotes, for example: “to be or not to be”. It is quite useful for those looking for the name of a song, writing a segment of the letters in quotes get a more accurate result, just to mention one use.

Search on a site specific

If you do a search on a particular type of site, or web page, you can add site: after search terms. For example: partition site: Bitelia conduct a search for articles containing the term partitions. If we write programming courses site: edu, we will conduct a search for programming courses only on sites whose URL ends in edu.

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