The answer to the question, “How to write when you can’t?”

Writing is an art and it’s an art that not many people can claim to be masters of. We have lived in this world long enough to be able to know that there’s no stage in our life that will not ever require us to write something down for someone else to read. Writing is something that we do as students and we do that even when we are in the professional environment.

Now we know for a fact that apart from some people who just plain love to write and they have a passion to always keep the typewriter keys clicking and the pens running out of ink, but apart from these enthusiastic people possessing the soul of Bacon and Wordsworth in their hearts, the majority of the people just want to get the writing jobs dealt with. Here’s another tragic truth: No matter how hard you want to never be forced to write and no matter how bad you feel while having a pen in your hand, you need to be aware of the fact that it’s something that you have to do no matter what. You have to complete your writing assignments whilst at schools and colleges and you have to create the minute’s sheet for your supervisor while working at a company.

So, we have come to a conclusion: We have to write even if we don’t want to; but how to write when you don’t want to or more importantly when you just can’t? When you can’t even write 100 words without wanting to skip this and go out to party some place? The answer is a sad one: You have to learn to write and once you successfully manage that, you will be able to complete assignments within no time and that will be a phase of your life that you will love the most. So, let’s discuss some things to do that will help you overcome the wrath of a failure and answer the question, “How to write when you just can’t?”

1. Read books:

This is again something really boring for the majority of the people, but one thing that needs to be noted and kept in mind is that all the major writers were avid readers themselves and this habit of reading is what makes a person become able to write more.

2. Widen your vocabulary:

You need to widen your vocabulary first thing too. if you don’t have a big arsenal of words, then you are in no position of making things happen. If you don’t have the bricks, then how on earth will you be able to build a house? Make a habit of learning one word a day and you’ll be good.

3. Write:

Last but not the least, write and write a lot. They say that practice makes a man perfect and there aren’t truer words spoken. Write enough and you’ll know that you are improving and in no time you’ll love whenever you hold a pen.

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