The 5 secrets of a happy employee

According to the experts at professional coach to be happy at work depends more on ourselves and less of the circumstances around us.

Dare to make small but significant changes that will increase your motivation to the fullest.

Does being happy at work is really impossible? Input seems that only a fortunate few can say full professional feel, but then why do some people seem to enjoy what they do regardless of your activity?

Job satisfaction depends on many factors, including our attitude. You might be surprised to discover that when we change the perspective we have a greater ability to get opportunities and success.

1. Appreciate your job

According to the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography about 29 million people in 10 -6 workers-ares engaged in the informal sector, i.e., lack of a stable job, health insurance and other benefits law.

This figure highlights the insufficient job creation in the country, one of the main causes of unfavourable working conditions for millions of workers.

Having a job now it has become a challenge. In 1960 there were 3 vacancies available for every college graduate. Today each vacancy for professionals has an average of 4 candidates who aspire to occupy.

Work is positive; you have a means to economic resources, can access services and also build a work history. What do you most appreciate about your job?

2. Establish goals

Surely there work hard to enjoy. It is not easy working in a fast food restaurant to pay for college, for example. It is not easy to accept a temporary job waiting for better opportunities; however, all our work experiences give us experience, knowledge and valuable lessons for the future.

Instead of feeling bad about things you do not like your current job; focus on positive thoughts about things that do matter, for example:

  • Thanks to this job I can pay for my studies
  • With this temporary job I can get work references that made me kick in earlier processes
  • This job allowed me to get credit for my house.

This kind of thoughts reminds you what your engine, what your future goal is and what you are accomplishing through your job.

3. Accept new challenges

When we have spent the last 5, 10 or 20 years doing exactly the same becomes difficult to enjoy the work. It is therefore important to dare to do new and different things. Offer your assistance to other departments, get involved in activities outside of your functions and even talk with your boss and let him know that you would like to learn something new.

4. Take a course

Learning something new can put a spin on your work life. It is not only satisfying, plus you can make your profile attractive to different responsibilities in your company. Imagine that you work for a Japanese brand cars and learn Japanese. Definitely suits the firm will leverage the talents and knowledge of their employees. There are now many online educational opportunities to prepare without neglecting your job.

5. Approaching valuable people

All companies and all jobs have positive and negative aspects. One positive is that they give us the opportunity to interact with more people. Personal relationships at work may reduce stress, encourage day and even help us learn new things. Avoid being part of gossip, rumours, etc. this type of behaviour always hurt your image and bring trouble, stay away as much as possible companions of harmful work and avoid sharing details of your personal life with them. Instead, take advantage of the valuable colleagues, learn from them and teach them something.

Bonus. Learn to enjoy what you do. Why do some people seem to really enjoy your job? They are not necessarily big business, government workers or have their own business. There are ordinary people who really enjoy his work and make it more than good: it does excellent. That people are motivated motivates activity, dealing with people, a future project, fortunate to have an income, his family. What is your motivation? Discover it and learn to love what you do.


Do not focus only on the money. Money matters a lot. Millions of workers are dissatisfied with their salary and would like to improve. However, always think about how bad your job for the little money you get is a very limited approach that makes everything else is negative. Recognize what it is that makes you feel self-satisfied at work, does your work helps others? Will you allow you to meet new people? Provides new insights do you? Does it help you improve your professional performance?

Change of attitude at work does not please your boss, your team or your company; a better attitude is beneficial for you because it gives you mental balance to face challenges. If your job does not bring anything positive, you can always make a decision and start a job search. Success!

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