3 Proven ways to develop a strong team chemistry

Developing team coherence and chemistry

Developing and maintaining team chemistry is crucial to the success of that team. Whether it’s the football or a hockey team we talk about, or a specialized team within an organization even a team of students working on a project. Coherence and chemistry are the two pillars of a successful teamwork, without which no team can ever prove to be effective or use their combined skills, well enough to carve out something amazing. This is why they say, maintaining a team chemistry is much more important than to address the issues and failures of a particular team.

Individuals within the teams, have the tendency to go off-track, get frustrated or de-motivated. Some of them might even try to be witty and clever, by taking advantage of others and relying on their work, keeping a low profile within the team. These people are called free riders or free loaders. The team loses its marginal productivity if such free riders are present within the group. Our post will focus on 3 proven and most effective ways to develop and maintain team chemistry.

Assigning a strong and influential leader

No team is complete, without the presence of a strong leader sometimes also known as the captain of the team or the head. However, it is important that the leader of the team is first of all strong and influential enough within the team. Someone who can strong actions, have expert communication skills and know everything about the work, his team will be doing. Most importantly the leader of any team, should not be biased or have an opinion against someone. This will not only create politics and rifts, but also unfairness within the group. There should be extreme discipline and professionalism within the team and the leader should ensure, there are no side favors being done that can hamper the progress or unity. All team members should be equal in the eye of the leader and everyone should be given equal tolerance or strictness.

Emphasizing on team goals, team progress and team achievements

When you work in a team, even though there may be individual performances, but what is most important is the team itself. Everything should revolve around the core essence of the team. This is the reason that developing strong objectives, team goals and focusing on overall team achievement is extremely important to having strong team chemistry. A team, that relies on certain individuals or does not have team goals, usually breaks down soon enough or loses its coherence as a group.

Encourage diversity and uniqueness

Do not make a team of similar people, who are comfortable with each other. A team should be based on the dynamics of the job and skill requirements. Encourage high diversity within your team, by having different people from different background and gender. Focus on everyone’s strengths that can combine to make a strong team. A well defined diverse team will always have a strong chemistry, work performance and better results.

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