Studying in India VS US Opportunities and Challenges

Studying in India VS USA, Studying in India is so much different than studying in the US. In this post, I’m going to share some major differences in the education system in India and in the US. Education is a big part of our lives. It helps us to shape us how we are today.

Studying in India VS USA

Studying in India VS USA Opportunities and Challenges

Studying in India VS USA, there are some major differences in the education system and how it affects the students mindset. So here are a few things.

1. Independence:

In USA are given more independence from a very small age, means no uniforms. Some schools still have uniforms. But most of them don’t. Even engineering students also in India should wear uniforms. Also in America there is more choice of courses. There are a lot of career options and courses that you can take. In India there very limited number of courses.

2. Attitude:

In American schools the attitude of teachers is no force attitude. They really do not ask you or push you to do anything. In India teachers are really pushy and they make you do the stuff. In America no pressure. you don’t do the work you fail, but low pressure. Another difference in attitude is Engineering more theoretical study but in US it’s more practical study. In India companies are given training periods but in US there is no training period, people expect to start working immediately as soon as join in the job.

3. Jobs:

India you normally do not start working after you complete the graduation right anyways but in US it’s not like that, everybody has part-time jobs. Even in high school work anywhere like in McDonald’s, car wash, reception and etc. And they proud to put that on their resume. In India we have a specific time to do things.

4. Campus Placement:

In India campus placement are a big part of the college profile. How many students got placed through campus interview that is the thing to show for the college and bring in more students. So basically it is the responsibility of the college to get the students placed. But In USA there is no concept of campus placement. There will be a career fair in your college where they’ll be like stalls of different companies and you can talk to the representative there and give your resume. Most of the time it doesn’t work out. If you’re lucky they will call you back for an interview. 95% of the time you have to apply online and go job hunting. Which is very frustrating thing. When you get the job offer you feel deserving.

5. Age:

In India, there is a particular age for education. In USA nothing like that. After high schools in USA a lot of people take breaks. Do some jobs, go for travel etc. But in India should not take any breaks from education. In India, there is a timeline which should keep up – Well education, get a job, marriage, then kids, then kids education and their marriage, retirement.

These are the major differences between the education system in India and USA. What do you think, let us know in the comment box before you leave?

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