Widening Retail Market in India Boosts Career Opportunities

Thinking of the shopping days when markets were devoid of malls and retail spaces send jitters downs the spine. Crammed market places, customers jostling for goods and screaming on the top of their voices to get the bills done, shopping back then was a tedious millstone round the household’s neck. Those who have been through all this, beyond doubts think that Retail culture came as a blessing.

Retail Market at a Glimpse

Retails are the supermarkets that are managed with strict business policies and terms. The trend thrives in the country like India with industry witnessing great upsurge in the past decade. New marketing strategies are adopted to diversify the business and entice the customers. In fact companies have tried array of gimmicks to impress the customers and pull their attention, because the industry works on the concept of “Customer is Supreme” and “Customer is King”. Different strategies are adopted as in discounts and freebies to accomplish the set goals and serve the customers with ultimate delight.

As against earlier when commodities purchased at the regular grocery shop or with kirana dealer were charged at higher prices, today you get it all at much discounted price.  These strategies have by large attracted all , right from the young shoppers to the middle aged groups, all prefer shopping in comfy and clutter free space. Managing supermarket and developing strategies to catch the eyeballs of the customers is not easy. Where a modern customer goes smart and never compromises on value for money, the retail players need to come up with strategies which hold long term attention of the end buyers over its competitors.

To affirm proper retail management, the companies are hiring trained professionals who can pool adequate talent and generate strategies that distinguishes company’s brand from its competitors. With upsurge in the demand for professionals and widening market, retail management has emerged as a strong career opportunity for the students.

Retail Management as a Career

No doubt that retail management will be a rewarding career, but choose it only when you have inclination and acumen of retail industry. Advertising too remain integral part to the subject, so affirm that you are compatible with the industry and its practices.Retail management course is ideal for students who have strong interest towards sales, marketing, advertising, campaigning, diversification and marketing research. The profession opens wide career opportunities before the aspirants. Many leading companies look forward for the professionals who can manage the independent retails or their offices located in supermarkets.As the start of the career a job aspirant has to work as an executive or associate retail manager paving success as a store manager.

Fee structure

The cost involved in the retail management course may widely vary.  Fees structure depends on the institute you are enrolling with and the type of the course chosen i.e. part time or full time, degree or diploma. Usually the cost involved may vary from 2 lacs to 5 lacs or even more if the college is of high ranking. Aspirants can also apply for scholarships. Many institutes provide 50% scholarships to competent students. Another best option is to get education loans from banks. Low interest education loans are provided by the banks enabling easy educational funding’s.

Job prospects and the International Watch

As a retail management professional you can choose to work with many companies both at domestic and international front. Job aspirants can start as a sales executive or a sales manager, managing the marketing department of the organization they choose to work with. International markets have the concept of supermarkets in to operations since long time. In fact countries like India have borrowed the idea of supermarkets from western countries. Thus job market in the foreign countries also ensures wide career opportunities to the aspirants.

Names you can earn

A degree in retail management course may help you fetch different names. Usually the employees hired are addressed by different names prevalent in different fields. Few similar job titles are:-

  • Floor manager
  • Retail managers
  • Lobby managers
  • Sale manager
  • Marketing manager

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