Comparative reasoning of public vs private schools

It is generally important for every child to get an education for better future. The school is an institution where students get basic education and learn to build their life. Public and private schools both are serving on their ends, although loopholes are there. Public schools generally offer fixed courses and subjects to students and students are forced to study them only. Student’s strength is also large in public schools which result in less individual attention from teachers. On other hands, private schools charge more tuition fee but offer different courses.

Compare Public vs Private Schools

To deliver better education to students is significant either it private or public school.

Reasons of more interest towards private schools

Private schools are normally preferred because they offer better infrastructure. Students are provided the better educational environment. Private schools although take more tuition fee but make sure to provide more attention towards every student.

Role of private schools:

The trend of private schools is prevailing rapidly. Private schools offer more ordered and well-regulated curriculum and infrastructure to students. Parents look more satisfied with the private schooling of their children because private schools show interest towards other courses as well. In private schools examination system is also very efficient and well-framed. Mostly high standard private schools provide standardized libraries to students. When one trend is replaced by another one, there are certain elements and reasons behind that. Private schools are improving every aspect of their set-up and shifting it to next level comparatively to public schools.

How to improve standard of public schools?

Public schools are out of trends nowadays. Public schools mostly run on government funds and that’s the reason public schools least bother about infrastructural facilities. In public schools teachers’ pay less attention towards students’ academic condition. Students are just allowed to study fixed curriculum offered by school. There are certain ways which can upgrade the standard of public schools.

  • Focus on providing better infrastructure to students.
  • Apart from fixed curriculum other productive courses should also be offered to students in public schools.
  • Examinational system should be made efficient and more organized.
  • Student’s strength should be well managed and divided as per class for proper studies.

Merits and demerits of public and private schools:

Both public and private schools are contributing in students’ academic career. Public schools normally pay less heed towards student’s interest. In public schools, better infrastructure is also not provided to students because of the large strength of students in every class. On other ends, private schools offer better curriculum and different other productive courses are offered to students for their better growth.

Conclusive analysis on public vs private schools

It is difficult to say that either public schools or private schools are perfect. Public and private both schools are performing well on their ends for better education of students. Private schools are more in trend because of better infrastructure and other educational facilities which are normally not offered in public schools. Unfortunately or fortunately qualified teachers are also more interested in teaching in private schools. The expected reason of this trend shifting from public to private schools is more student tuition fees and more teacher’s salaries.On other hands, Public schools normally lack these facilities provided to students and teachers in private schools.

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