Fill in the blanks suitably

(1) If you listened more carefully, you …… many mistakes
(a) were had
(b) won’t make
(c) wouldn’t make
(d) couldn’t make
Ans: C – Wouldn’t Make

(2) Unless you hurry, you………late
(a) would have been
(b) will be
(c) would be
(d) can be
Ans: B – will be

(3) Students learn fast, If the teacher…….competent
(a) is
(b) was
(c) will be
(d) has been
Ans : A – is

(4) Put on your coat, If you ………will catch a cold
(a) would
(b) won’t
(c) will
(d) don’t
Ans : D – don’t

Fill in the blanks with the correct adjectives or adverbs from those given in brackets

(5) India expects………… to do his duty
(a) a      (b) any    (c) No    (d) Every
Ans : D – Every

(6) The patients is sinking. There is …….. a doctor can do to help him
(a) little     (b) a little   (c) much   (d) enough
Ans : A – Little

(7) She sang……in the auditorium last week
(a) deliriously
(b) melodiously
(c) magnificently
(d) imperiously
Ans : B – Melodiously

(8) The chairman of the 12th finance commission is
(a) Vikram Seth
(b) Dan Brown
(c) Salman Rushdi
(d) Mark Tully
Ans : A – Vikram Seth

(9) The most densely populated state in India
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Maharashtra
(c) West Bengal
(d) Kerala
Ans : West Bengal

(10) National Science day is observed on
(a) 31st August
(b) 28th February
(c) 15th January
(d) 20th March
Ans : 28th February