Kerala PSC Study Material 8: Englis Grammar Questions and Answers

Kerala PSC Study Materials: Basic English Grammar Questions

Fill in the blanks with suitably words

(1) If you listened more carefully, you …… many mistakes
(a) were had
(b) won’t make
(c) wouldn’t make
(d) couldn’t make
Ans: C – Wouldn’t Make

(2) Unless you hurry, you………late
(a) would have been
(b) will be
(c) would be
(d) can be
Ans: B – will be

(3) Students learn fast, If the teacher…….competent
(a) is
(b) was
(c) will be
(d) has been
Ans : A – is

(4) Put on your coat, If you ………will catch a cold
(a) would
(b) won’t
(c) will
(d) don’t
Ans : D – don’t

Fill in the blanks with the correct adjectives or adverbs from those given in brackets

(5) India expects………… to do his duty
(a) a      (b) any    (c) No    (d) Every
Ans : D – Every

(6) The patients is sinking. There is …….. a doctor can do to help him
(a) little     (b) a little   (c) much   (d) enough
Ans : A – Little

(7) She sang……in the auditorium last week
(a) deliriously
(b) melodiously
(c) magnificently
(d) imperiously
Ans : B – Melodiously

(8) The chairman of the 12th finance commission is
(a) Vikram Seth
(b) Dan Brown
(c) Salman Rushdi
(d) Mark Tully
Ans : A – Vikram Seth

(9) The most densely populated state in India
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Maharashtra
(c) West Bengal
(d) Kerala
Ans : West Bengal

(10) National Science day is observed on
(a) 31st August
(b) 28th February
(c) 15th January
(d) 20th March
Ans : 28th February

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