Electrical Engineer Model Questions

1. Electric power is typically measured in what units?
Ans : Watts

2. Electric current is measured using what device?
Ans : Ammeter

3. The unit of electric current is the……..?
Ans : Ampere

4. What is the unit of electrical resistance?
Ans : The Ohm

5. How is power calculated?
Ans : Multiply current by voltage

6. In a ____________ the switch is closed and electric current flows from the source through the connection device.
Ans : Closed Circuit

7. This device is used to open and close a circuit?
Ans : Switch

8. What is the study of charges in motion?
Ans : Electrodynamics

9. Coal, hydroelectric, wind, nuclear, and solar thermal power plants all have this equipment in common.
Ans : Turbines

10. A battery is connected to a resistor. As charge flows, the chemical energy of the battery is dissipated as………?
Ans : Thermal energy

11. Materials with lots of free electrons are called
Ans : Conductors

12. Electrons in the outer orbit are called……..?
Ans : valences

13. The current in a given circuit is not to exceed 24 A. Which value of fuse is best?
Ans : 24 A

14. What does LED stand for?
Ans : Light Emitting Diode

15. The current requirement of a LED is………?
Ans : Between 3 and 35mA

16. The ratio of the resistance of a 200W, 230V lamp to that of a 100W, 115V lamp will be………?
Ans : 2

17.  If one cycle of ac waveform occurs every milli – second, the frequency will be………?
Ans : 1000 Hz

18. The Q- factor of a coil is given by……?
Ans : Reciprocal of its power factor.

19. A battery is a source of……….?
Ans : DC Voltage

20. During charging, the electrolyte of a lead acid cell becomes?
Ans : Diluted.

21. The burning of fossil fuels does not release?
Ans : Potential energy

22. Geothermal energy is…………..?
Ans : Generated in rocks below the Earth’s surface

23. Humans get their own energy from?
Ans : Foods

24. A sine wave voltage is applied across a capacitor. When the frequency of the voltage is decreased, the current?
Ans : decreases

25. When the voltage across a capacitor is tripled, the stored charge
Ans : Triples