Kerala PSC Assistant Labour Officer Practice Questions and Answers

(1) The best conductor of electricity?
(a) Pure water
(b) Cold water
(c) Salt water
(d) Distilled water
Ans : Salt Water

(2) Chemical property of substance is determined by
(a) Protons
(b) Neutrons
(c) Ions
(d) Electrons
Ans : Electrons

(3) Tetanus is caused by:
(a) Open injury
(b) Taking poison
(c) Drinking polluted water
Ans : Open injury

(4) O.Henry is the pen name of:
(a) Charles Dickens
(b) Anne Bronte
(c) David Cornwell
(d) William Sydney Porter
Ans : William Sydney Porter

(5) Bread basket of the world is:
(a) Savanna
(b) Ved
(c) Prairies
(d) Pam pas
Ans : Prairies

(6) The first Indian Cosmonaut
(a) Sushil sharma
(b) Rakesh sharma
(c) Kuldeep Nayyar
(d) Navin Gohil
Ans : Rakesh Sharma

(7) The holiest lake in the world?
(a) Caspian Sea
(b) Manassrower
(c) Dal lake
(d) Amritsar
Ans : Manassrower

(8) Taj Mahal is on the bank of river:
(a) Yamuna
(b) Indus
(c) Ganga
(d) Brahmaputra
Ans : Yamuna

(9) Lift was invented by:
(a) Edison
(b) Graham bell
(c) James Watt
(d) Otis
Ans : Otis

(10) The greatest scientist Thomas Alwa Edison belong to:
(a) Great Britain
(b) Russia
(c) USA
(d) West Germany
Ans : USA

(11) Galileo Galilie was an………..scientist
(a) Indian
(b) Italian
(c) Australian
(d) American
Ans : Italian

(12) Ferdinand de Lesseps is associated with:
(a) Suez Canal
(b) Panama Canal
(c) Lake superior
(d) Lake Victoria
Ans : Suez Canal

(13) Philately deals with:
(a) Study of coins
(b) Collection of postage stamps
(c) Collection of paintings
(d) Study of Virus
Ans : Collection of postage stamps

(14) Name of the first test-tube baby is:
(a) Indira
(b) Jennifer Pat
(c) Louis Brown
(d) Lestie Thomas
Ans : Louis Brown

(15) The particle which is supposed to travel faster than light
(a) Plasma
(b) Tachyon
(c) Positron
(d) Quartz
Ans : Tachyon