Test your GK level with these questions. These PSC questions will help the candidates who are going to attend the PSC exams.

PSC Questions

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PSC Questions

1. The only person who headed government in Travancore, Tranvancore-Cochin and Kerala:
Answer: Pattom Thanu Pillai

2. Which was the only state under President’s rule when the linguistic reorganisation was done in 1956?
Answer: Kerala

3. Kerala was brought under the President’s rule for the last time in:
Answer: 1982

4. The first to complete tenure as the Chief minister of Kerala:
Answer: C. Achutha Menon

5. Who became the Governor of an Indian State after holding the post of Chief Minister of Kerala:
Answer: Pattom Thanu Pillai

6. The first Congress Chief Minister of Kerala:
Answer: R. Sankar

7. The youngest to become the Chief Minister of Kerala:
Answer: A.K. Antony

8. The oldest to become the Chief Minister of Kerala:
Answer: V.S. Achuthanandan

9. Who is the only person in Kerala to hold the office of MLA, MP, Speaker, Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Minister?
Answer: C.H. Muhammad koya

10. The King of Travancore who constructed the ‘Udayagiri Fort and Vattakottai (Circular Fort) in Kanyakumari:
Answer: Marthanda Varma

11. Padmanabhapuram Palace owned by Government of Kerala is in the district of :
Answer: Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu)

12. The courts in Travancore established by Colonel Munroe functioned on the basis of:
Answer: Chattavariyolakal

13. In which year the Bolgatty Palace was built?
Answer: 1744

14. The seat of Kerala High Court:
Answer: Kochi

15. Who was the first chairman of the Thiru-Kochi Public Service Commission?
Answer: C. Kunhiraman

16. Who is the first to become union cabinet minister after holding the post of Chief Minister of Kerala?
Answer: A.K. Antony

17. The Portuguese Viceroy who built St.Angelo Fort at Kannur:
Answer: Don Francesco de Almeida (1505)

18. Who seized the Fort Angelo in 1663?
Answer: The Dutch

19. Who gave permission to built the Anjengo Fort in 1960:
Answer: Rani of Attingal

20. VAT was brought into force in Kerala on:
Answer: 2005 April 1