Preparing To Write an Amazing Internship Resume

For students sitting down to write a resume is a job which is frustrating and they are often seen procrastinating about it a lot. Students usually are hesitant to write out their resumes, because they really do not understand where to start from when they actually sit down to write one. The problem for junior students is the fact that they think they have nothing really to write in the resume given their lack of academic credentials and relevant work experience, the ability to not find your selling points is what discourages students in their junior level institutions. For seniors the case is completely different, seniors usually think that for a high level job, their academic credentials are either not enough or they cannot figure out a way to think how will employers will be interested in reading out their resumes. However, you will come across instances, where students when they actually commit to sit down and highlight their resumes, it is not really frustrating or demotivating.

Writing a good resume is all about finding your key strengths and selling points to make employers consider your application for the job. Be it an internship or an executive level position, until the resume is convincing enough no other way would work when it comes to getting hired. It is noted that employers only spend a mere 10 second bracket to breeze through a resume and decide its worth so making it simple, easy and short is the best way to get noticed. Today, our blog will highlight four steps to writing an amazing resume for an internship job application.

Starting with the basics

To get you moving, you should start your resume with the basics. This will involve writing your name in Bold, capital letters. Besides your name you can also mention some of the information related to your background like your Date of Birth, telephone number and address. It is important to note that you should not be posting really private information, something which is not really relevant to your employer unless it is the requirement of your application. Such information can include your marital status, your age and your religious views.

Targeted structure

Resumes that target the job directly in terms of skills required and job description, get much more recognition from the employers rather than generic resumes that are used to apply for all kinds of jobs. Usually when students apply for numerous internship programs, they tend to use a generic structure of a resume which sometimes goes against them.

Use formal language in your resume

Do not try to show over-confidence and use a language tone which does not completely get with the resume. Use a very formal and serious tone, highlighting how passionate you are about this internship opportunity.

Highlight your objectives

Employers hiring for internship roles, look for people who have certain aims and objectives to be achieved. If they can find those in the resume, it can really put a strong weight on the consideration.

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