Obsessed With Your Smartphone? Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of It!

If you are guilty of being obsessed with your smartphone, then here are some ways you can get rid of the obsession.

With technological advancements at its peak, smartphones were developed to make lives easier and happier. However, they are not quite serving the exact purpose and have ended up in creating more difficulties in relationships than ever before. People are tied to their smartphones and consider it obligatory to respond to every single beep they hear. People have forgotten the social norms and are seen constantly staring at their phones rather than interacting with the person right in front of them. Although there are many smart individuals who have not fallen prey to this, there are others who have become entirely obsessed with their smartphones. If you are one of them and feel guilty, then here are some ways you can get rid of the obsession.

Use The Customized Setting Options To Your Best Interest

The best way to reform the way you use your smartphone is to change its settings in a way that helps you use it less. For instance, there are some contacts that are not so important ones, set the texts and calls from these contacts to silent. In this way, if you’re doing some important work or are in a face to face conversation with someone, you will not get disturbed and eventually pay more attention to the person in front of you. Put some contacts in the urgent lists while you are studying or hanging out with friends or family.

Set Time Limits For Using Different Apps

This requires a lot of dedication since this is something only you can limit yourself. Set a specific time limit for each application you use. For instance, keep 10 to 15 minutes 3 times a day for updating status or checking your news feed on Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin. It will certainly be hard in the beginning, but with time, this will become easier and there will be a significantly positive change in your life.

Change Status And Put The Notifications Off

Changing your status to ‘busy’ or ‘urgent calls only’ can let others know that you are not up for chit chat. In this way you can save time and give quality time to people who you are with in real. Similarly, all the notifications you get from different social media and games apps, just put all of them to off mode. No more notifications means no more unnecessary distractions.

Simply Leave Your Smartphone

The most effective way by far is to keep your phone somewhere else. For instance, if you are going to a meeting, leave your phone in your drawer so that you are not disturbed during the meeting. Similarly, at home, leave your phone in some other room than in the one you are with other members of the family. In this way you will be able to spend quality time with your family rather than just swiping through your newsfeed. Make a norm amongst your friends to keep all your smartphones aside when together so you all have fun without unnecessary distraction.

Follow these ways and your life will be much better!

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