Need a quick essay fix? Read on to know all about it

Writing is an art that can’t be made perfect if you weren’t born with the heart and soul of a writer. They say that football can’t be trained completely and a player needs to have a great know-how of the game in order to become somebody worth watching and it’s true. There are some art forms in this world that require the person to be born with some traits. The term “God gifted” can be placed perfectly here.

The tragic thing is that even though people accept the fact that if a person wasn’t born with the eye of a cricketer or the strength of a weightlifter, then they can’t become a cricketer or a weight lifter, at-least not one of a higher order; but what teachers and administrative staff don’t understand is the fact that if a person didn’t have enough insight at the time of birth to become a writer of the level of Ralph Waldo Emerson then how on Earth can he still live up to the task?

It’s true that practice almost makes a man perfect, but in some cases being “almost there” isn’t enough and that’s the case here. You need to be very astute and concise in your word selection to be able to write the perfect essay and it requires a person to be very vigilant and creative. So, in short, we can say that writing does require a few things that not every person can muster. The sad truth, though, remains; we still have to write a lot and we still have to make things happen no matter how hard we don’t want to. Writing homework assignments and after moving a few years forward, writing event reports and minutes of the meeting down. So, in such a world scenario, if a person learns to write it’s for the better. Having said that, let’s then today mention some of the things that a person could and should keep in mind in order to write and compile a quick essay:

1. Ponder extensively:

This is where a lot of people get it wrong. The writing is so tedious that people just want to get along with it and get it over with. Nobody thinks that it’d be nice to spend some time in actually deciding what to write before putting anything down. The truth is that if you don’t brainstorm enough and don’t give yourself enough time to ponder, then you are in some serious trouble. You will halt at a later time with nothing to write on your mind.

2. Design a mind map:

A mind map is very precious and vital. It will help you note down everything that you think needs to be mentioned.

3. Organize everything:

A broken essay is like a puzzle with all of its pieces scattered. You need to not give the reader the task of putting everything in place and have to organize your essay to make it aesthetically pleasing.

4. Proofread what you wrote:

Don’t forget to revise at the end of it.

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