Kerala PSC University Assistant 2005 Solved Questions: Part 2

Kerala PSC University Assistant Solved Questions and Answers

(16) Rozgar Badhao is the slogan launched by which Prime Minster
(a) Manmohan Singh
(b) Rajiv Gandhi
(c) Indira Gandhi
(d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Ans: Manmohan Singh

(17) Name the author of the book ‘‘Governance and the Sclerosis That Has Set in’’.
(a) Sharad Pawar
(b) Gopal K. Gandhi
(c) Kapil Sibal
(d) Arun Shourie
Ans. Arun Shourie

(18) What is the eighth term of the sequence 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, ………..?
(a) 8
(b) 64
(c) 128
(d) 200
Ans. 64

(19) If x is a positive number, which of the following fractions has the greatest value?
(a) x/x
(b) (x+1)/ x
(c) x /(x+1)
(d) (x+2) / (x+3)
Ans. (x+1)/ x

(20) Naval Academy is located at:
(a) Cochin
(b) Mumbai
(c) Chennai
(d) Kolkata
Ans. N/A, Correct Answer is Goa

(21) Which country won the silver medal for Hockey in Athens Olympic 2004?
(a) Australia
(b) Pakistan
(c) The Netherlands
(d) Germany
Ans. The Netherlands

(22) ‘Centrino’ is related to:
(a) Mobile technology
(b) Photography
(c) Biotechnology
(d) None of the above
Ans. Mobile technology

(23) ‘Cartosat’ is related to:
(a) Cartoon
(b) Mapping
(c) Transportation
(d) None of the above
Ans. Mapping

(24) Sania Mirza is an Indian star in the field of:
(a) Badminton
(b) Tennis
(c) Table Tennis
(d) None of the above
Ans. Tennis

(25) One MB in computer memory is:
(a) 100 KB
(b) 1024 KB
(c) 1000 KB
(d) None of the above
Ans. 1024 KB

(26) To be extremely interesting:
(a) Captivate
(b) Capture
(c) Cantankerous
(d) Dazzling
Ans. Captivate

(27) To lead a simple life:
(a) Sparse
(b) Spartan
(c) Scurrilous
(d) Spawn
Ans. Spartan

(28) To make one feel less tired:
(a) Retire
(b) Exhaust
(c) Suffer
(d) Refresh
Ans. Refresh

(29) To feel very happy:
(a) Content
(b) Euphoria
(c) Satisfaction
(d) Morose
Ans. Euphoria

(30) To please one by – praising:
(a) Reputation
(b) Fawn
(c) Redeem
(d) Glorious
Ans. Fawn

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Question: 31 to 35 have four words each. Three of the word can be grouped together on the basis of community. One word does not belong to the basis of the community. One word does not belong to the group. Find out that word.

(31) (a) PT Usha
(b) Anju George
(c) OV Vijayan
(d) Shiny Wilson

(32) (a) Paris
(b) London
(c) Moscow
(d) Toronto

(33) (a) Bahrain
(b) Saudi Arabia
(c) UAE
(d) West Indies

(34) (a) Mars
(b) Saturn
(c) North Star
(d) Jupiter

(35) (a) Kumarakom
(b) Kovalam
(c) Maldives
(d) Thekkady

Answers 31-35

31-OV. Vijayan
33-West Indies
34-North Star

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Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given to fill in the blank space

(36) 1,7,14 : 5,12,20……….
(a) 9,15,22
(b) 8,15,23
(c) 9,17,26
(d) 9,21,30
Ans : 9,17,26

(37) ACEG, BDFH,……….
(a) CBGI
(b) CFHI
(c) CFHJ
(d) EFGH
Ans : CBGI

(38) The rules required that who had held office for two consecutive years was not…………..for re-election
(a) admissible
(b) permissible
(c) eligible
(d) accessible
Ans : Permissible

(39) Unhygienic surroundings……… problems
(a) give rise to
(b) bring in to being
(c) call for
(d) set in
Ans : Give rise to

(40) All our efforts to persuade grandfather to come and stay with us were of no…….
(a) effect
(b) avail
(c) result
(d) purpose
Ans: Avail

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