Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017: Here is the Kerala PSC exam calendar 2017 for a complete schedule of Kerala PSC exams. As a matter of fact, the Kerala PSC exam calendar is very important for candidates who wish to prepare for KPSC exams. All candidates who wish to prepare for psc exams, check out the list of important exams and dates.

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017

Moreover details about Kerala psc exam calendar 2017 like exam time, department etc can check here – Kerala PSC Examination Programme 2017

Kerala PSC Exams Calendar 2017 – Download PDF

Sl.MonthMore Information
1Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017 – JanuaryDownload
2KPSC Exam Calendar 2017 – January (Supl.)Download
3Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017 – FebruaryDownload
4Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017 – MarchDownload
5Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017 – AprilDownload
6Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017 – MayDownload
7KPSC Exam Calendar 2017 – May (Supp.)Download
8Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017 – JuneDownload
9Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017 – JulyDownload
10Kerala PSC Exam Calendar 2017 – AugustDownload
11KPSC Exam Calendar 2017 – August (Supp.)Download

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar for the
month of August 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1Tradesman (Automobile)01/08/2017344/16
2Auxiliary Nurse Midwife02/08/2017339/16
3Junior Public Health Nurse Grade 202/08/2017523/16
4JPH Nurse Grade 2 (Muslim)02/08/2017524/16
5JPH Nurse Grade 2 (LC)02/08/2017525/16
6JPH Nurse Grade 2 (Muslim)02/08/2017022/17
7JPH Nurse Grade 2 (V.Karma)02/08/2017023/17
8JPH Nurse Grade 2 (LC)02/08/2017024/17
9JPH Nurse Grade 2 (MPM)02/08/2017025/17
10JPH Nurse Grade 2 (V.Karma)02/08/2017026/17
11JPH Nurse Grade 2 (Dheervara)02/08/2017027/17
12JPH Nurse Grade 2 (H N)02/08/2017028/17
13Part Time Junior Teacher (Arabic)03/08/2017471/13
14Full-Time Junior Teacher (Arabic)03/08/2017532/13
15LD Clerk (PTA,PKD)05/08/2017414/16
16Agricultural Assistant Grade 209/08/2017444/16
17Agricultural Assistant (Transfer)09/08/2017445/16
18Beat Forest Officer (ST)10/08/2017296/16
19Receptionist-Telephone Operator11/08/2017467/13
20Station Officer (Fire)17/08/2017068/17
21Full-Time Junior Teacher (Urdu)18/08/2017136/15
22Part-Time Junior Teacher (Urdu)18/08/2017215/15
23LD Clerk (Transfer)19/08/2017415/16
24Catalogue Assistant22/08/2017332/16
25Superintendent Of Survey23/08/2017433/16
26Instructor Grade 124/08/2017001/2017
27Malayalam Stenographer25/08/2017346/12
28LD Clerk (KYM,WYND)26/08/2017414/16
29Full-Time Junior Teacher (Arabic)30/08/2017229/16
30Part-Time Junior Teacher (Arabic)30/08/2017230/16

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar for the
month of July 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1LD Clerk (KLM,TSR,KGD)01/07/2017414/16
2LD Clerk (EKM,KNR)15/07/2017414/16
3LD Clerk (ALP,IDK,KKD)29/07/2017414/16

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar for the
month of June 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1Dairy Farm Instructor03/06/2017442/16
2HSS Teacher (J) Urdu06/06/2017172/15
3Librarian Grade 4 (Transfer)09/06/2017504/15
4Librarian Grade 4 (KCPL)09/06/2017505/15
5Librarian Grade 4 (KCPL)09/06/2017506/15
6Librarian Grade 4 (KCPL)09/06/2017507/15
7Lower Division Clerk (LC)13/06/2017286/13
8Lower Division Clerk (ST)13/06/2017287/13
9Lower Division Clerk (E/T/B)13/06/2017381/13
10Lower Division Clerk (Muslim)13/06/2017382/13
11Lower Division Clerk (OX)13/06/2017443/13
12Lower Division Clerk (IDK)13/06/2017469/13
13Lower Division Clerk (Transfer)13/06/2017470/13
14Lower Division Clerk (PKD)13/06/201791/2014
15Lower Division Clerk (Dheevara)13/06/201792/14
16Lower Division Clerk (SC)13/06/201793/14
17Lower Division Clerk (H N)13/06/201794/14
18Lower Division Clerk (LC)13/06/2017507/14
19Lower Division Clerk (Muslim)13/06/201731/15
20Draftsman Grade 214/06/2017220/16
21LD Clerk (TVM,MPM)17/06/2017414/16
22LD Clerk (KGD)20/06/2017288/13
23LD Clerk (H N20/06/2017289/13
24LD Clerk (SIUC)20/06/2017290/13
25LD Clerk (Muslim)20/06/2017445/13
26LD Clerk (E/T/B)20/06/2017378/14
27LD Clerk (ST)20/06/2017302/15
28Mechanical Operator21/06/2017223/16
29Radiographer Grade 222/06/2017189/16
30ECG Technician Grade 223/06/2017348/16
31ECG Technician Grade 2 (ST)23/06/2017362/16
32Printer (TVPM)27/06/2017350/16
33Computer Grade 228/06/2017352/16
34Copy Holder28/06/2017163/16

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar for the
month of May 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1Electrician (EKM)03/05/2017235/16
2Electrician (KLM)03/05/2017351/16
3Electrician (Med. Edu)03/05/2017448/16
4Personal Assistant to Managing Director04/05/2017513/15
5Stenographer (E/T/B)04/05/2017103/2016
6Lecturer In Sanskrit (General)05/05/2017133/15
7Lower Division Clerk (SC/ST)06/05/2017122/16
8LD Clerk/Village Assistant06/05/2017413/16
9Junior Instructor (Hospital)09/05/2017539/12
10Women Police Constable (LC)11/05/2017381/16
11Women Police Constable (Muslim)11/05/2017382/16
12Women Police Constable (KAP-LC)11/05/2017383/16
13Women Police Constable (H N)11/05/2017384/16
14Women Police Constable (OX)11/05/2017385/16
15Women Police Constable (Dheevara)11/05/2017386/16
16Women Police Constable (OX)11/05/2017526/16
17Operation Theatre Technician11/05/2017403/13
18Laboratory Technician12/05/2017503/15
19Typist (Forest)16/05/2017335/16
20Typist Gr-2 (Various)16/05/2017451/16
21Confidential Assistant Grade 216/05/2017553/15
22Confidential Assistant Grade 2 (Ex-service)16/05/2017540/16
23Instructor in Secretarial Practice & BC17/05/2017631/14
24Instructor in Commerce17/05/2017632/14
25Pharmacist Grade 218/05/2017655/16
26Assistant Jailor Grade 120/05/2017299/2016
27Superintendent, Sub Jail/supervisor20/05/2017300/16
28Junior Employment Officer20/05/2017435/16
29Work Supervisor (farming Co.)23/05/2017226/16
30Carpentry Instructor24/05/2017336/16
32Tradesman (Electronics)26/05/2017345/16
33Tradesman (Chemical Engineering)30/05/2017346/16
34Confidential Assistant Grade 231/05/2017424/13
35Mazdoor (KSEB)29/05/2017063/17

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar for the
month of April 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1Civil Excise Officer (OBC)01/04/2017307/16
2Civil Excise Officer (OX)01/04/2017308/16
3Civil Excise Officer (H N)01/04/2017309/16
4Civil Excise Officer (Trainee)01/04/2017340/16
5Civil Excise Officer (By Transfer)01/04/2017341/16
6Women Civil Excise Officer (Muslim)01/04/2017310/16
7Women Civil Excise Officer (SC)01/04/2017311/16
8Women Civil Excise Officer (V.Karma)01/04/2017312/16
9Women Civil Excise Officer (SIUC)01/04/2017313/16
10Women Civil Excise Officer (Dheevara)01/04/2017314/16
11Assistant Engineer (KAICL)04/04/2017048/16
12Assistant Engineer(Mechanical)05/04/2017280/16
13Assistant Engineer (Electronics)06/04/2017506/13
14Junior Data Entry Operator (9348)07/04/2017500/15
15Electrician (Animal Husbandry)11/04/2017287/16
16Reporter Grade 2 (Malayalam)12/04/2017270/14
18Tradesman(Turning) – Muslim18/04/201776/16
19Draftsman (CAD) Architecture19/04/2017421/14
20Laboratory Assistant (KLDBL)20/04/201749/16
21Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo)26/04/2017286/16
22Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – SC26/04/2017322/16
23Pharmacist (Homoeo)26/04/2017342/16
24Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – SIUC26/04/2017388/16
25Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – OX26/04/2017389/16
26Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – Dheevara26/04/2017390/16
27Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – LC26/04/2017391/16
28Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – Dheevara26/04/2017392/16
29Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – LC26/04/2017527/16
30Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – V.Karma26/04/2017528/16
31Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – LC26/04/2017529/16
32Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – OX26/04/2017530/16
33Pharmacist Grade 2 (Homoeo) – Dheevara26/04/2017531/16
34Assistant Director (Commerce Dept.)27/04/201702/15
35Staff Nurse Grade 229/04/2017454/16
36Staff Nurse Grade 2 (SC)29/04/2017470/16
37Staff Nurse Grade 2 (OX)29/04/2017522/16
38Staff Nurse Grade 2 (Muslim)29/04/2017380/16

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar for the
month of March 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1Drugs Inspector01/03/2017214/16
2Analyst Grade 301/03/2017175/16
3Workshop Instructor02/03/2017636/14
4Vocational Instructor (Marine Engines)03/03/2017490/15
5Vocational Instructor (By Transfer)03/03/2017491/15
6Field Assistant04/03/2017236/16

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar for the
month of February 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1Junior Assistant (General)01/02/2017197/16
2Junior Assistant (Society)01/02/2017198/16
3HSS Teacher (Junior – Hindi)02/02/2017293/16
4Refrigeration Mechanic (UIP – ST)03/02/2017242/16
5Refrigeration Mechanic (Medical)03/02/2017284/16
6Junior Lab Assistant (ST)04/02/2017247/16
7Field Assistant04/02/2017236/16
8House Keeper (Female)04/02/2017289/16
9Laboratory Assistant04/02/2017363/16
10Stenographer/Steno Typist Grade 207/02/2017525/12
11High School Assistant (Arabic)08/02/2017199/16
12DTP Operator09/02/2017656/14
13Junior Scientific Officer10/02/2017485/15
15High School Assistant (Sanskrit)15/02/2017166/16
17Assistant Professor In Paedodontics17/02/2017409/15
18Assistant Professor in Prosthodontics17/02/2017479/15
19Assistant Professor in Microbiology17/02/2017486/15
20Assistant Professor in Orthodontics17/02/201786/16
21Assistant Prof. in Conservative Dentistry17/02/201787/16
22Assistant Prof. on Oral & Maxil.Surgery17/02/201788/16
23Asst. Prof. in Oral Medicine & Radiology17/02/2017114/16
24Asst. Prof. in Community Dentistry17/02/2017157/16
25Assistant Prof. in Periodontics17/02/2017158/16
26Asst. Prof. in Oral Medicine & Radiology17/02/2017139/16
27Cooly Worker18/02/2017224/16
28Cooly Worker (Muslim)18/02/2017266/16
29Last Grade Servants (SC/ST)18/02/2017297/16
30Reserve Watcher18/02/2017354/16
31Junior Instructor (Mechanic-mechatronics)21/02/2017495/15
32Junior Instructor (Electrician)22/02/201745/16
33Junior Instructor (Electroplator)23/02/201716/16
34Field Assistant25/02/2017236/16

Kerala PSC Exam Calendar for the month of January 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1Physical Education Teacher05/01/2017346/14
2Male Warden07/01/2017152/15
3Theatre Assistant07/01/201715
4Lab Attender07/01/2017020/16
5Laboratory Assistant07/01/2017099/16
6Male Warder (TSR Unit)07/01/2017206/16
7Male Warder (TVM Unit)07/01/2017207/16
8Male Warder (Assistant Prison Officer)07/01/2017269/16
9L.P. School Assistant (Kannada)10/01/2017233/16
10L.P. School Assistant (Tamil)12/01/2017528/13
11Tradesman (Diesel Mechanic)17/01/2017531/15
12Tradesman (Smithy)19/01/2017520/15
13L.P. School Assistant (Malayalam)21/01/2017387/14
14Junior Instructor (Surveyor)24/01/2017015/16
15Radiographer Grade – 225/01/2017212/16
16LDV Driver Grade – 228/01/2017109/16
17Driver Grade – 2 (Muslim)28/01/2017143/16
18Driver Grade -2 (LC)28/01/2017144/16
19Driver Grade -2 (OBC)28/01/2017145/16
20Driver Grade -2 (ST)28/01/2017146/16
21Driver Grade -2 (H N)28/01/2017147/16
22Driver Grade -2 (OX)28/01/2017148/16
23Driver cum Office Attendant (LDV – V)28/01/2017155/16
24Driver cum Office Attendant (LDV – ST)28/01/2017156/16
25Driver Grade 2 / Driver LDV (SC)28/01/2017178/16
26Driver Grade 2 / Driver LDV (Muslim)28/01/2017179/16
27Driver Grade 2 (LDV)28/01/2017225/16
28Reserve Driver (V)31/01/2017106/16
29Reserve Driver (OX)31/01/2017107/16
30Reserve Driver (ST)31/01/2017108/16
31Driver HDV (LC – PKD)31/01/2017152/16
32Driver HDV (V – KNR)31/01/2017153/16
33Driver HDV (TVM – OX)31/01/2017184/16
34Driver HDV (LC)31/01/2017265/16
35Driver cum Office Attendant (HDV)31/01/2017154/16

Supplementary Calendar – January 2017

Sl.Name of ExamExam DateCategory No.
1Tracer – Soil (Supplementary)13/01/2017234/2016

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