Kerala PSC Electrician Previous Questions and Answers

Kerala PSC Electrician previous questions: Find here some important questions for the Kerala PSC Electrician exam. These questions collected from previous question papers of the Kerala PSC Electrician examination.

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Kerala PSC Electrician Previous Questions

  1.  The heater element in an electric iron is made of :
    (A) iron
    (B) nichrome
    (C) tungsten
    (D) constant
  2. How much energy in kilowatt-hour is consumed in operating ten 100 watts bulbs for 5 hrs per day in the month of June?
    (A) 1500
    (B) 1.5
    (C) 15
    (D) 150
  3. A fuse wire is made of :
    (A) copper
    (B) tungsten
    (C) lead-tin alloy
    (D) nichrome
  4. Two identical heaters each marked 1000W, 2500 V are placed in series and then connected to a 250 V supply. Their combined rate of heating is :
    (A) 2000 W
    (B) 250 W
    (C) 1000 W
    (D) 500 W
  5. Two capacitors of capacitances 3 microfarad and 6 microfarad in series will have a total capacitance of……………… microfarad.
    (A) 9
    (B) 2
    (C) 18
    (D) 6
  6. One Weber is equal to :
    (A) 108 lines
    (B) 106 lines
    (C) 109 lines
    (D) 1012 lines
  7. Which of the following is more suitable for the core of an electromagnet?
    (A) steel
    (B) tungsten steel
    (B) nickel
    (D) soft iron
  8. A galvanometer may be converted in to ammeter or voltmeter. In which of the following cases the resistance of the device will be largest?
    (A) An ammeter of range 10 A
    (B) A voltmeter of range 10 V
    (C) A voltmeter of range 5 V
    (D) An ammeter of range 5 A
  9. A voltmeter has a resistsnce of 100 ohm and measures 10 V. How can it be used to measure 50 V?
    (A) 400 ohm in series
    (B) 40 ohm in series
    (C) 200 ohm in series
    (D) 100 ohm in series
  10. The direction of included e.m.f. in a conductor can be determined by :
    (A) Work law
    (B) Ampere’s law
    (C) Fleming’s right hand rule
    (D) Fleming’s left hand rule
  11. The e.m.f. included in a …………………….is the statically included e.m.f.
    (A) d.c. generator
    (B) transformer
    (C) d.c. motor
    (D) a.c. motor
  12. When a lead acid cell is fully charged :
    (A) anode is converted into Pb
    (B) cathode is converted into PbO2
    (C) specific gravity of H2SO4 rised to about 1.28
    (D) both plates become red
  13. An a.c. generator having 10 poles and running at 600 rpm will generate an alternating voltage of frequency :
    (A) 50 Hz
    (B) 60 Hz
    (C) 100 Hz
    (D) 25 Hz
  14. An alternating voltage is given by  v=100 sin 314t volts. Its average value will be :
    (A) 100 V
    (B) 70.7 V
    (C) 50 V
    (D) 63.7 V
  15. The power factor of an a.c. circuit is given by :
    (A) XL/R
    (B) Z/R
    (C) R/XL
    (D) R/Z
  16. At series resonance :
    (A) circuit impedance is very large
    (B) circuit p.f. is minimum
    (C) circuit p.f. is unity
    (D) voltage across L or C is zero
  17. In R-L-C series a.c circuit the inductive reactance is equal to capacitive reactance. The phase angle between applied voltage and circuit current is :
    (A) 0 degree
    (B) 90 degree
    (C)45 degree
    (D) 60 degree

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