Kerala Assembly Election 2016

The fourteenth Kerala Assembly Election was held on May 16, 2016. The result was published of the 140 constituencies in Kerala on 19th May 2016. The total voting percentage in this election was 77.35%.

Parties, Alignments and Supports

Usually there are two major political alignments in Kerala. One is UDF and another one is LDF. But in this election NDA has played a major role in some constituencies. 91 seats for LDF, UDF has 47 seats and NDA got 1 seat in Kerala Assembly Election 2016.

LDF (Left Democratic Front)

(1) CPI (M)

(2) CPI

(3) Janata Dal (S)

(4) Kerala Congress (Skaria Thomas)

(5) Congress (S)

(6) Janadhipathya Kerala Congress

(7) INL

(8) Kerala Congress (B)

(9) CMP (Aravindakshan)

(10) RSP (Leninist)

(11) National Secular Conference

(12) JSS

UDF (United Democratic Front)

(1) Indian National Congress

(2) IUML

(3) Kerala Congress (M)

(4) RSP (India)

(5) Janata Dal (United)

(6) Kerala Congress (Jacob)

(7) CMP

(8) RSP of Kerala (Bolshevik)

(9) All India Forward Bloc

(10) Kerala Congress (Secular)

(11) Janadhipathya Samrakshana Samithi (National)

National Democratic Alliance (NDA)

(1) BJP

(2) BDJS

(3) Kerala Congress (Thomas)

(4) Janadhipathya Rashtriya Sabha

(5) Kerala Congress (Nationalist)

(6) Janadhipathya Samrakshana Samithi (Rajan Babu)

(7) Lok Janshakti Party

(8) Kerala Vikas Congress

(9) Praja Socialist Party

(10) Secular National Dravida Party

(11) National Democratic Party(Secular)

(12) Socialist Janata Dal (Rajendran)

(13) Pravasi Nivasi Party

(14) Ganaka Sabha

(15) Bhartiya Karma Sena

(16) Christian Democratic Party

Chief Minister

Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan will be Chief Minister of Kerala.

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