Changes on the JEE Exam Pattern 2019

The publication of JEE main exam dates for 2019 herald’s the start of the cramming season for aspiring students based in India and at the 10 global locations that the Engineering entrance exam is offered. New regulations that commence from January provides much greater flexibility for students who either fail or are unable to attend the JEE main 2019 sitting that commences on fifth January 2019. Pre-registration for the January sitting of the university entrance test has already begun, with 30th September being the deadline for completed application forms to ensure a place at next year’s first exam session.

However, due to new regulations that have come into force to coincide with the formation of the National Testing Agency (NTA), who are taking over as the operating examination board for the JEE main exam, students have now been allowed to take two bites at the cherry. With an additional exam period taking place from 5th Apr to 20th Apr 2019. The traditional JEE main dates have been criticized for not providing ill students an alternative date to take their chance in sitting the highly valued examination. And students who failed the January version of the paper in previous years were denied the opportunity to re-sit the JEE main paper in an attempt to improve their marks. Fortunately, this will all change allowing all qualifying students the chance to sit the paper in the April 2019 session in order to get the necessary pass mark.

A good JEE grade is of great importance to students who are looking to enter into engineering courses at Indian higher education institutions. Students who are looking to perform well in the JEE test should be looking revise many aspects of their 11th and 12th year teaching across Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Drawing skills and the General Aptitude of students are also assessed, making the JEE main exam a thorough test of a student’s capabilities, which is of great value to Indian Higher-Educational institutions.

Students passing the JEE exam have a much greater chance of acceptance for one of the 24,000 Engineering undergraduate places that are provided by the National Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institutes of Information Technology amongst others. To obtain a place at one of India’s leading engineering universities, candidates are required to gain a good pass score in the JEE main exam sittings and to perform with distinction throughout their class 12th examinations. With a particular emphasis on the performance of students throughout all science based subjects.

In order to gain a place at either of the JEE main examination sittings, students should have passed their 12th-year examinations and have completed the desired documentation. Any student that needs to make use of the newly added provision of the JEE April examination session, can do so by completing the required application form by March 7th, 2019.

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