Is the internet a curse or a blessing for the student generation?

Life minus internet:

What would our life look like had there been no sign of internet? It is not easy to even imagine the possibility of life without the basic blessing. Firstly, you would not be able to have access to this article, which means you basically would not be envisaging anything right now. Now if during this time, your sink broke and your wife wanted you to be on your toes and fix it instantly and you did not know anything about the plumbing mechanics, then you would know that you would be in all sorts of trouble. No number of a plumber in the phone directory, no computer to look up over the internet and no nothing to evade the curse that will be guaranteed if the sink is not up and running before night. What would a poor husband do once faced with this difficult and chaotic situation? Well, there is not much we can suggest apart from making the journey to the market and actually searching for somebody who can help you out.

The advantages:

It is difficult to imagine our life without the blessing of the internet and really we do not want to be imagining it anyway. Now then, we have come to the conclusion that we can’t live without internet, but because it is natural, we need to debate on the fact that whether it is a blessing or just a curse for us. The internet has so many good things that if you go on about them, we might end up being crammed for space. The internet is the biggest ocean of knowledge and information and we can’t make use of all the data even if there was not anything other for us to do.

The dark sides:

There are some sides to the internet that can be considered dark at the least. Social networks have become a real hard thing to protect the children from for parents. Children even in the smallest of ages are joining social networks to communicate with people from all over the world and it allows them to do a few things that they rather should not along the way too. Moreover, it wastes a lot of time of students as many students spend their studying time on the internet surfing through websites or social media networks. Now if a summary writing assignment was pending, you would not have time to do that because of the expenditure of time on the other futile tasks.

The menace of social networks:

You can literally see people with their eyes stuck to the screens of their smartphones and when they get home, they find no time to deal with their homework.  This has become a serious problem not only among the teenagers and young ones but also in adults as they too are glued to their laptops or handheld devices, surfing on the internet. This is seriously causing problems like the reduction of attention span in students and issues with relationships as people are forgetting the value of a face to face communication.

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