How to turn an internship into a full-time job

Now that you have that internship, you can start thinking about your next move. That is, turning your intern to a full-time job, which is not as easy as it may seem. On the other hand, it`s turning into the latest trend to offer potential candidates internship opportunities in order to screen applicants. This is beneficial for those, who are not afraid to work hard and get that job offer. However, how can one get past that final stage and get an offer for a full-time job? You are to be more than just a great worker, so browse our list of tips for interns, who are willing to be employed.

1. Be open about your goals

When you commence your work as an intern it`s essential to have a seat with your manager, chat and set your intern goals. Such activity helps one identify professional targets and become a more competitive candidate, as it`ll force you to push yourself and do your best.

2. Know your field

«Of course, any internship is a great way to gain real-life experience, however, to be an expert in a certain field, you are to know it inside and out», – says Brenda Sommers, HR specialist at Skillroads. Discover something new about the sphere you work in all the time. Make it your everyday activity. You can read job-related articles, watch interviews of top agents in your area, and browse A-list blogs and online communities, which deal with various issues of your domain. Life is a process of continuous learning and your employer will appreciate your desire to be in the loop.

3. Maintain beneficial relationships

It`s a matter of vital importance to be a great team member, find a common language with your collogues and boss. Moreover, when you communicate with people of your company, who perform various functions at their workplaces, you get to know all the processes of the company. It`s advantageous to keep in touch with your co-workers, as they define your future in the firm. HR manager takes into account your ability to deal with various types of people, resolve multiple issues and see if you fit in this particular team of employees.

4. Ask questions

Ask for clarifications, if the instructions aren`t clear for you. There`s nothing wrong with it. It just takes time to get used to lots of things, so your words are your power. However, before revealing the issue that bothers you to the public make sure that the answer is not obvious. Look through office training manual, revise the instructions and only afterward seek for help of your co-workers.

5. Be proactive

Among all job tips, this one may sound trivial and too obvious. However, do not get mistaken, as there too many workers, who consider their internship not important. Your task here is to analyze, learn to predict forthcoming problems, prevent all obstacles, plan the future activity and keep at it.

  • Show initiative

You are given the chance. Do not spoil it! If your boss sees that you are not afraid of asking for advice a colleague, you weren`t introduced to, or ask a question that`s been bothering you for so long, you`re in a good place.

  • Meet the deadlines

It`s essential. No one appreciates or promotes a worker, who has poor time-management skills and lets the whole team down. Your task is simple – plan, plan and plan. Create a schedule and stick to it. Maybe this is your greatest opportunity. Do not ruin everything!

  • Ask for extra work

Yeap, this one is on the list too. Except the fact that you are to do your job full, it`s rather beneficial to work long hours and be the first to come and the last to leave. Such devotion shows your interest in the work you`re doing and can lead to a reference letter. Make the most of an opportunity you`ve been given.

  • Volunteer

Is someone having a maternity leave? Raise your hand and offer yourself to help. Such initiative shows that you are ready to make a significant impact to the company on all the various levels. Go above and beyond what`s asked of you.

6. Use your network

Networking is a must. Attend all the social gatherings of your coworkers you are aware of. Join your colleagues for lunch, coffee break and a pint of beer after work (if possible). Take advantage of communication with both senior and fellow workers. It will pay off either way.

7. Assess the company culture

Bear in mind that you`re not a slave at the internship and you are to evaluate if the company`s values fit into your lifestyle. Do they all smoke and you can`t stand it? Is there a scheduled lunch break or you have to work for it? Do your colleagues communicate while working process or it`s a silent library place? Figure out all such things.

8. Add value to the organization

This one is closely connected with the previous tip. No matter if it`s just a matter of summer internships or one-month internships, you are seen when you are valuable and unique. It`s a sure-fire decision to impress your boss. Be enthusiastic, show your ambition and generate ideas, which are beneficial for the whole company. You`re a newcomer, that`s why you can see the things, which people who are working in the same environment can`t even spot. Do not ever be shy to say your solutions to existing issues out loud. Your vision matters.
If you really want the job, you`ll take these hints seriously and will have all the aces up your sleeves. Come one, you can do it!

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