Increasing workplace productivity by managing resources

Productivity is an outcome of how effectively you have managed your resources. It is like resources that give the outcome, that create the chance, the reason to increasing productivity of a workplace. The literature in management recognizes four main resources for an organization, Man, Money, Machine and Material, out of which, Man comes out as a leader of all resources. Focusing Man as a central resource, we are here discussing the methods of how to increase productivity at the workplace. The objective here is to understand of how productivity could be increased, and what real relationship productivity has with managing resources.

Managing leadership as a resource

In an organization, leadership is something that has to be carried by all. Leadership is a phenomenon that affects the productivity level. So if it is at the top, at the management segments and in teams could really increase the productivity level of a workforce. Similarly, leadership has to come out as a culture, only then it could raise the productivity level of an overall organization or workplace.

Passing on a Productive Vision

An organization has to be clear for its long term progression. It has to be definite with its route and with its adaptations of how objectives are going to be achieved in the longer run. This requires a complete vision, a vision which could lead out the organization from the front.  An environment of work has to be built, based on productivity and where every individual is prepared to come out purposive and objective. This is the environment of productivity, the environment of increased productivity.

Technology as an important resource for productivity

To increasing productivity, an organization has to come out highly innovative. Using technology at the right place is what is needed to increase productivity. Instead of large file shelves, a workplace has to adapt highly modified computers that could store organization’s key operations and activities data. Similarly, the use of machine at the manufacturing, inventory, procurement and distribution segments could minimize the time and the cost of an operation taking place at the workplace. Nowadays, robots play a key role in manufacturing to minimize the time and cost of an operation. Technological measures like these have to be taken to boost the productivity level.

Developing human resource for productivity

Skilled workers are much required to get adequate with newly introduced fast running machines and technology. To work on such technology, the skill of a worker is much needed. An organization should keep policies to investing on employees, on developing their skills and capability. This is how developing employees could develop the system of the organization, which leads to the rise of the productive level. Several contemporary organizational cases tell that investing on human resource is never a loss, as it directly works to increase the productivity of a workplace.

Building communication-networks as resource

Goal-setting is important for building fast and productive communication networks, which when established, link each and every person and segment of an organization. The top management is linked to middle level and the middle level is guided to the lower operational staff with such networks. A chain of command is established with such effective networks. Firstly, the goals are to be set for each individual working in an organization. Then such goals are to be translated into objectives to start the execution process. This is how building communication-networks and setting goals will lead to an environment that is instinctively capable and obviously productive.

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