How Your Professors With Any Of These Four Projects

Making your mark as an engineering student is all about impressing the right people, and expanding your own knowledge with your projects. For engineering students, a college project in their final year is a big deal. Not only does it show off your skills to potential employers, it’s also a great learning experience to broaden your skills. Professors will surely take notice of your project if it’s impressive and innovative. Many even refer their students to companies and firms if they feel that the student project demands further iteration and funding. Needless to say, making an amazing final year project for your engineering degree can be a surefire way to land yourself a good job. So here are some of our suggestions as to what you can make for your project that will draw the most attention.


Also known as visible light communication, Li-Fi is a new concept developed in Japan. The idea is to use light to send wireless data in between devices and not resorting to invisible radio waves or any other Wi-Fi technology. It may sound complicated, but its implementation is easier than you might think. It can be made using simple LED’s and LDR’s and controlling them with microchips or even simple logical circuits. In fact, you can get a simple Li-Fi prototype up and running within a month. From there, you can iterate and improve on your design to support higher bandwidth and fast data transfer.

Augmented Reality

Almost all students should have a smartphone, especially if they are engineering students. Therefore, a perfect way of utilizing them is to build an augmented reality application that works with the phone’s camera. Augmented reality is fairly simple to execute. Unlike Li-Fi, it has to added advantage of being easily customizable without any long term hardware implementation. You can simply write the app from the comfort of your room. To make things even better, there is a substantial interest within most companies who are looking for smart implementation of augmented reality. Many companies are willing to hire students with ample experience with AR.


This project was especially selected because not only is it noteworthy, it’s also fun! Making your very own drone unit is almost like building a toy, and developing it through trial and error is half the fun of making a fully functional drone. Making drones is a little more work. Not only will you have to make properly balanced chassis and propulsion system, but also program it so that it can be controlled wirelessly, which is essential since the drones mobility makes it near impossible to control it via wired input. However, the result is worth the hard work. Drones are extremely high in demand with many tech firms who are looking for cheaper and better drone ideas for their products.

Motion Detector

Making a door that swings or a light that switches on when a person approaches is a simple idea, but its application is very versatile and in high demand. Motion detectors are being used nearly everywhere, and if a student makes a project that uses motion detection, you can be guaranteed to have the interest of nearly any company that has even a slight hand in information technology. Furthermore, making a motion controlled device is simply a matter of using cheaply available motion detectors that are coupled with the appropriate actuators. It’s as easy as it sounds.

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