How to prepare for the finals?

Being tensed and stressed out comes naturally to every student during the finals week. If you prepare well ahead in advance, then be assured of the stress levels dropping low during the much loathed week. The finals are taken to test our understanding at the end of each semester or even annually. If you are trying to maintain your focus while you are in the process of preparing for your exams, then we have compiled a list of things to do to beat the exam stress. Let’s go through each one by one and apply all those techniques to our life during the preparation for the finals.

Do not cram, but take breaks

Students are left with no choice, but to cram when their finals are near, which is a strict NO-NO when you are trying to actually learn and understand something. It is suggested to study for 20 to 50 minutes, after which a 10 minute break becomes a necessity to freshen up. This would result in a better retention time period in the long run, rather than having just those short term benefits.

Stay focused

This can be done if you minimize the distractions around you while studying. Some students prefer listening to music while studying, but what they do not comprehend is that all the information learnt would not be recalled if your entire focus is not on the content.

Managing the time effectively

When a proper schedule or time table is followed, students are more able to manage their time than they did when they studied at their own pace. They are in a better position to give proper time to each course if they follow a study plan, which ends up in increasing their performance in the exams as well.

Switch places

As a human being, we all get bored if we have to follow the same routine every time. The same becomes problematic for the students even when they spend all their time in their rooms or the library while studying. It would boost one’s retention level if they alternate the spot where they sit down to study. It has been observed by the psychologists that our brain forms an association between the sensations felt at the background with the content that is being studied at that particular time. Therefore, it is recommended to shuffle the places while studying. Some better switches can be made from your room to the library or even a calm and quiet café at the corner of your street.

An all-nighter? No way!

Students are seen pulling an all-nighter during their preparations for the finals, which is actually not a good practice. Such students get low grades and experience a downfall in their memory retention and reasoning power for a longer period of time. Getting a good night’s sleep is a must if you want to score better on your exams. If your mind is fresh, only then you will be able to recall the content that you learned while doing the preparations for the exams.

Fuel the body with a nutritious and balanced diet

Eating healthy can indirectly influence your mood, and makes you feel light and fresh from within. Never skip breakfast, especially on the day of the exam. Take food which is rich in fiber and carbs take a longer time to digest, therefore, must be consumed during and even a week before the exams. There is usually a decline in the thinking speed and attention retention rate of a student if they are fed a low carb, high fat diet with cream, cheese, meat, etc. Therefore, eating fiber in the forms of food and vegetables is a must if you need to have a balanced diet along with a sound mind. Nuts such as almonds can also bring a huge difference to one’s learning capability if consumed during the finals.

Sweat it out

As per the recent studies, it has been concluded that the well-established concept of a sound body has a sound mind is not a myth, but an utter reality. One can improve their memory by incorporating a 20 minute strenuous exercise, such as cardio, in their daily routine. It can either be in the form of brisk walking, jogging, or even dancing. The energy level of the person who exercises at all times, even during the finals week, will increase and the stress level will be reduced to a great extent as well. Sweat it out in the gym or even in the comfort of your own room to get that metabolism and brain kicking at the same time!

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