Help your Teen Improve Their Speaking Skills

Help your Teen Improve Their Speaking Skills: Are you a concerned parent of your teen with immense stage fright? Are you worried that your teen will never prosper in their academic life or even after that? Then you need not to worry anymore as following the everyday tips and guidelines will help you to make your teens become more successful in terms of confidence. It is estimated that more than 70% of individuals suffer from stage fright, which results in anxiety. Feeling anxious and unsure while standing in front of a large group is completely natural, but this anxiety should not let you drown in the pond of failure. Make sure this nervousness does not come in the way of producing negative results during your speech. Hence, by allowing yourself to practice and follow such guidelines, on daily basis, you can easily lessen the apprehensions you feel during speech.

As parents, you can easily assist your teens in removing all the butterflies that they feel in their stomach before some speaking activity. The main dilemma and connection behind speaking and confidence is that all eyes are on you; some teens are insecure and not encouraged and motivated enough, during their early years which results in this insecurity. Therefore, this timidity is directly linked to the element of not being confident enough. So, no matter if your teen is speaking in front of a small audience or even in front of large audiences, make sure you impart the right values of encouragement and confidence by sticking to these tips.

Practice and repetition

As they say, practice makes a man perfect; this phrase is suitably applied here. The more you speak, the more you will become better at it. Make sure you expose your teen with other students of exceptional speaking skills. The constant practice with these students will allow your teen to impart the same abilities. Make a group of teens, of the same age and allot them a topic that they should speak on. This exercise will allow your teen to feel more confident in front of the audience that is present there.

Teacher – Student bonding

Teachers should also create or initiate some sessions that are completely oral in communication. This one to one relationship of speaking will allow your teen to be more poised as the rest of the students will act as audience. This will help them in the removal of fears of speaking in front of a large group. Moreover, class help is also encouraged and students of similar class can practice this exercise that will allow them to learn more as students learn more and better with the same age fellows.

Tech helps

As the current age is of globalization and constant developments in technology, expose your teens with gadgets that allow them to enhance their speaking and other skills. Make sure they are using such apps that encourage them to speak more and in a more confident manner. Through this, they can also look for good ideas for their projects and other homework/classwork tasks.

Public speaking

Lastly, you can also take your teens to various public speaking events, allow them to meet famous motivational public speakers, through which you can take some help. These speakers will act as motivational figures that will help your teens to observe them and in short to practice it.

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