Enrich Your GK – Part 1: 10 General Knowledge (GK) Questions – 17/09/2020

GK Questions and Answers: 10 General Knowledge questions for your upcoming competitive exams. Top 10 General Knwoledge questions for PSC, UPSC, Railway and other competitive exams.

(1) Which Indian port trust has been renamed as Syama Prasad Mukherjee Port Trust?

a. Kolkata Port Trust

b. Paradip Port Trust

c. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust

d. Visakhpatnam Port Trust

Answer: a. Kolkata Port Trust

(2) Which two countries are involved in the implementation of Kohala Hydroelectric Power Project?

a. India and China

b. India and Pakistan

c. Pakistan and China

d. India and Bangladesh

Answer: c. Pakistan and China

(3) Which nation will host the Global vaccine summit in 2020?

a. France

b. Italy

c. U K

d. US

Answer: c. U K

(4) Legendary Filmmaker Basu Chatterjee passed away on June 4, 2020. He had won a National Award for which film?

a. Khatta Meetha


c. Chhoti Si Baat

d. Durga

Answer: d. Durga

(5) Which among the following nations is not a part of G7?

a. Germany

b. Russia

c. Canada

d. Italy

Answer: b. Russia

(6) How many non-permanent members are there in United Nations Security Council (UNSC)?

a. 15

b 7

c. 5

d. 10

Answer: d. 10

(7) Who has been nominated by the BCCI for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2020?

a. Rohit Sharma

b. Virat Kohli

c. Shikhar Dhawan

d. K L Rahul

Answer: a. Rohit Sharma

(8) Which among the following countries has seen widespread protests over the death of African American George Floyd in Police custody?

a. UK

b. US

c. Australia

d. Netherlands

Answer: b. US

(9) Who among the following has been nominated by the BCCI for Arjuna Awards?

a. K L Rahul

b. Shikhar Dhawan

c. Ravindra Jadeja

d. Jasprit Bumrah

Answer: b. Shikhar Dhawan

(10) P M SVANIDHI scheme has been launched by the central government to improve the livelihood conditions of

a. Small farmers

b. Street vendors

c. Poor artisans

d. rural women and children

Answer: b. Street vendors

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