Kerala PSC Questions 4: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

GK 4 General Knowledge Questions

1. A member of Legislative Assembly vote against the party whip is :

(a) Crossing vote

(b) Casting vote

(c) Gallop poll

(d) Snap Vote

Answer: Snap Vote

2. The right included among the Fundamental  Rights by 93rd Constitutional amendment is :

(a) Right for free Primary education

(b) Right for property

(c) Religion freedom

(d) Right for liberation from poverty

Answer: Right for free Primary education

3. In our Constitution Education is included in the :

(a) State list

(b) Local list

(c) Central list

(d) Concurrent list

Answer: State list

4. World Environment Day :

(a) July 11

(b) March 8

(c) September 5

(d) June 5

Answer: June 5

5. The smallest form of animal life :

(a) Bacteria

(b) Sperm

(c) Amoeba

(d) Cell

Answer: Bacteria

6. The first headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange was at :

Ans: Wall Street

7. The name of the Japanese organisation that manufactures paper planes :

Ans:  Japan Origami Aeroplane Association

8. The first Indian Lunar Space Mission :

Ans:  Chandrayan -1

9. The date on which the World Health Day is observed

Ans: April 7

10. The director of Newspaper Boy :

Ans:  P. Ramdas

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