Top 10 GK Questions for Kerala PSC Exams – 26 April 2018

1. The European country which first started trade with India was:

Ans: Portugal

2. The science of improving crop varieties is called:

Ans: Hybridisation

3. The name of the first Insurance Company in India?

Ans: The Bombay Mutual Assurance

4. The Defence Minister when Goa was annexed to the Indian Union in 1961

Ans: V.K. Krishna Menon

5. India’s National Newspaper “ The Hindu” started since

Ans: 1878

6. Which country has the longest school year in the world?

Ans: Japan

7. The International Tourism year

Ans:  1967

8. The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its motion is known as

Ans: Kinetic energy

9. The “Diet” is the Parliament of

Ans: Japan

10. Who introduced the postal system in India?

Ans: Alauddin Khilji

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