GK Questions 26: Kerala PSC GK Questions and Answers – 10 Questions

1. Kalinadi Hydro Electric Power Project – state?

Answer: Karnataka

2. Hormones are useful for:

Answer:  Metabolic function

3. Wireless telegraphy was invented by:

Answer:  Marconi

4. The study of rocks is known as:

Answer: Petrology

5. The television apparatus was invented by:

Answer:  J.L. Baird

6. Mount Everest was first conquered in:

Answer:  1953

7. Athlete’s foot is caused by a:

Answer:  fungus

8. What is the old name of “Thailand”?

Answer:  Sayam

9. The war at Plassey was in the year?

Answer:  1757

10. Soda water contains:

Answer:  Carbon Dioxide

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