Kerala PSC Questions 17: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. The Paris Commune took place in :

Answer: 1871

2. The fungus that produces alcohol is :

Answer: Yeast

3. The structure of DNA was discovered by :

Answer: Waston and Crick

4. The UNO was founded on ……………?

Answer: 24th October 1945

5. Which was the main centre of ‘Salt Satyagraha’ in Malabar?

Answer: Payyannur

6. Which is the southernmost Taluk in Kerala?

Answer: Neyyattinkara

7. The book Das Capital was written by :

Answer: Karl Marx

8. Rangaswamy Cup is the highest team prize in India for :

Answer: Hockey

9. India’s first underground rail line is at :

Answer: Kolkata

10. Arthashastra was written by :

Answer: Kautilya (Chanakya)

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