Kerala PSC Questions 16: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Brass is an alloy of :

Answer: Copper and Zinc

2. Goa was liberated in the year :

Answer: 1961

3. Fathom is the unit used for measuring :

Answer: Depth

4. The biggest public sector undertaking in India is :

Answer: Railways

5. Epistemology has to do with :

Answer: Knowledge

6. ‘Le Monde’ is the Newspaper of :

Answer: France

7. Shiva Samudra Hydro Electric Project is situated at :

Answer: Karnataka

8. Who is the journalist associated with ‘Kesari’?

Answer: Balakrishna Pillai

9. The Konkan railway has been constructed between :

Answer: Mangalore and Mumbai

10. The oldest and most sacred of the Vedas :

Answer: Rig Veda

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