Give an Edge to Career with Civil Engineering

Engineering as a discipline provides wide range of subjects to students today; Civil Engineering is one of them. Associated with constructing structures, the discipline opens plethora of options before students to take up the subjects of interest as their career. Being the oldest branch of engineering, it offers bright career prospects to the students. Read on more to gain insights on the subject, top colleges and various career opportunities in today’s scenario.

Civil Engineering at a Glance

Civil Engineering is a professional course and deals with designing, maintaining and construction of natural and physical environment. It is traditionally being broken down in to various sub-disciplines as in environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, control engineering, structural engineering, biomechanics, urban engineering and construction engineering. It is related to works like construction of dams, bridges, roads, buildings and much more. The professional course has its applications at all level be it public sector or private sector. Each and every construction site involving above mentioned area has its own team of civil engineers, behind the planning and strategy of the structures.

Swelling demands in the real estate sector- commercial and residential, and other domains as in  construction of public utilities and facilities, sewage treatment plants, transport engineering, and construction off shore structures has indeed highly motivated students to pursue career as B.Tech in civil engineering.  The profession demands adequate expertise and deftness in the professionals hired, which has indeed led to competitive environment amid students, each giving edge to other. Envisaging a stable career graph, large numbers of students are keen to make their way to professional degree.

Civil Engineering Course

To be a civil engineer, the student requires holding academic degree in civil engineering. The course comprises duration of 4 years. Some universities refer this course as Bachelor of Science also. In the academia session the degree incorporates units of physics, mathematics, design, project management and some specific topic of civil engineering. Sub-disciplines are also covered during the span of 4 years. In the last year of the course, students have to choose a specialized subject amid various sub-disciplines; students can choose one or more specialization. Some universities and colleges only offer graduation degrees to the students, if desired student can also pursue postgraduate degree to further hone their skills and gain sufficient knowledge in the subject of interest.

Students now days are considering civil engineering as a promising career platform. Nations and states undergoing huge transformation phase ensure that the demand for civil engineers would never lessen. Creative designs, planning, skillful implementation of strategies and successful accomplishment of projects enable a strong career base to the degree holders.
Right knowledge and technical proficiency is not innate, reputed engineering institutes and colleges have been established to shape students in to professional, instilling necessary technical abilities during the course span. Colleges and universities integrate modern techniques of education and acquaint students to latest methodologies and procedures to pursue their dream job, but competitive environment somewhere restricts many to pave their way to dream colleges. Therefore right preparation from the very start is necessary to make through reputed institutes. Undoubtedly renowned institutes play a better role in shaping the professionals dexterously.

Below is the list of renowned institutes in the nation offering matchless education environment

Top Colleges offering B.Tech in Civil Engineering

RankCivil Engineering CollegeLocation

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

Above is the list of top engineering colleges across India, rendering adequate knowledge to the scholars. These colleges are ranked as top five colleges offering due exposures to the students. Study material, theoretical sessions, practical exposure all are incorporated in the subjects each year to gradually train and coach students to the world of civil engineering. Universities and colleges are infusing better educational standards to impart theoretical and practical experience to students, with necessary up-gradations done to the subjects each year.
The curriculum comprises exploration, research, design, planning, analysis, construction and operation of facilities essential to modern existence. Meeting high standards of modern education, the institutes focus on encompassing an academic platform rendering a broad base of ethical knowledge and leading technology.

Admission Procedure

Enrolment in these institutes is done through results of Joint Entrance Exam conducted at all India level. Student should qualify the JEE cut off and specific percentage criteria of senior secondary exams as a minimal requirement to stand eligible for further levels of test and interview. For undergraduate students the course duration is of 4 years.

Those applying for post graduate programs are selected on the basis on Gate results. Exam takes place in the month of April and the written test and interview in month of May; students having exceptional performance in the exams enjoy preference of direct admission too.
Civil Engineering amid the other branches of Engineering has evolved as the most demanded discipline. Reputed organizations hiring students with academic background of in civil engineering lure students largely. Working with MNC’ and lucrative salary packages has made aspirants headstrong to chalk their career in this particular discipline, but make sure you prepare well as competition is getting tough each year.

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