Getting A Job Through Social Media Made Easy

With the advancement in technology, job search has become a lot easier than it used to be a few decades ago. Now you can not only appear for an interview online but you can also search for your job through your social media profiles. The importance of social media has increased in job hunt since the past few years. Social media has changed the perception of conventional ways to search for a job. It has highly influenced how employers and the job seekers approach each other.

Why Is Social Media Important For Job Recruitment?

Various researches and studies indicate that the percentage of job recruitment through social networking sites has increased rapidly since the year 2008. You do not need to send applications out and wait for responses via mail anymore. As the importance of social media has become undeniable, find out how you can maximize your chances of getting a job though it:

Create a Big Network

A big network does not mean adding anyone and everyone you see on social media. Creating a big network for job search purposes include adding and following people of the same industry as yours. In other words, only add your colleagues and potential employers to your network.

Join Professional Networks And Websites

Though social media like Twitter and Facebook can be very helpful in job search, joining other professional social sites can also help you widen your network even more. For instance, join LinkedIn if you have not already. It is a network that has helped thousands of job seekers to meet their employers through their social profiles.

Keep Your Profile Updated

If you are serious about getting a job through your social profile, keep it updated. Employers are never interested in hiring employees who are too lazy to update their qualifications and career achievements on their profile. Do not just visit your profile to update it, visit regularly in case any employer has approached you through it. If you reply them late, they will get an impression that you are not serious about your job prospects.

Be Participative

Even if you have an up-to-date profile, it will not benefit you if you are idle on it. Join groups and communities that are relevant to your field and show your positive participation there. This way you will not only increase your knowledge by participating in discussions and debates, but you will also become a prominent member in the eyes of potential employers.

Set Some Privacy Settings

It is okay to be honest and open about your personal status, posts and comments on your profile. But if you are looking for the potential employers to visit your profile, set some privacy settings to avoid giving out too much information about your personal life.

Include Your CV In Profile

Provide a link to your CV in your social profile. The potential employers may not have enough time to ask for CVs from all job seekers. If you maintain a link to your updated CV on your social profile, it will become a lot easier for the employers to check it out and consider you as a candidate. You can also give a link to your blog if you do not want to include your CV in the social profile.

Be Honest About Your Current Job

It is a bad idea to hide your current job from the potential employers on the social networking sites. It is also bad to lie and claim yourself to be employed when you are not. Be honest about your current job description. Do not add fake credentials, and do not hide your talents. Also, clearly mention your interests and expectations for a future career.

Let Everybody Know About Your Job Search

If you are looking for a new job, let your friends and family know through your social profile. You never know who can help you until you let them know about the job hunt. Build a strong network by adding all your friends, recent and past colleagues, teachers and old class-mates in order to increase your chances of getting a job through your online social network.

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