General English Questions and Answers for Kerala PSC Exams

General English Questions and Answers for Kerala PSC Exams: General English is an important topic for all psc examinations. Here can get some important English question and answers for Kerala PSC exams.

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General English Questions and Answers – Fill in the blanks

  1. I am waiting ___ my brother | Ans: for
  2. It never occurred __ me to ask him such a question | Ans: to
  3. I am not satisfied __ your explanation | Ans: with
  4. He has been ill __ one week | Ans: for
  5. Please look __ this world in the dictionary for me | Ans: up
  6. We should be prepared __ the worst | Ans: for
  7. Are you familiar __ the works of Dickens | Ans: with
  8. He has too much confidence __ his students | Ans: in
  9. Is there any cure __ cancer | Ans: for
  10. Are you fond __ English | Ans: of
  11. What is the penalty __ the violation of an agreement | Ans: for
  12. I shall be grateful __ you for all your advice | Ans: to
  13. They have proved themselves unworthy __ the trust people placed in them | Ans: of
  14. He always finds excuses __ his inability to work | Ans: for
  15. He has recovered __ his illness | Ans: from
  16. The boy feels ashamed __ his conduct | Ans: of
  17. She has been unconscious __ hours | Ans: for
  18. He is clever __ carpenter | Ans: at
  19. This train is bound __ Calcutta | Ans: for
  20. His income is not sufficient __ his needs | Ans: for
  21. They are not capable __ doing it | Ans: of
  22. Most of the people easily yield __ temptations | Ans: to
  23. Indian became independent | Ans: in
  24. Can you suggest __ me an eye-specialist | Ans: to
  25. We are not interested __ whatever you say | Ans: in
  26. The minister held a long discussion __ the problem with his colleagues | Ans: about
  27. There is provision __ unemployment pension in India | Ans: for
  28. I remind him __ the earlier offer | Ans: of
  29. I was not informed __ his arrival | Ans: of
  30. He is an adept __ the art of cooking | Ans: with
  31. This chair is not identical __ his needs | Ans: with
  32. The desire __ knowledge is a good sign of learning | Ans: for
  33. In spite of the great anxiety of his presents, the boy got __ in the examination | Ans: through
  34. She ____ for eight hours last night | Ans: slept
  35. ‘Elucidate’means – To make something cleared by explaining
  36. The opposite of ‘Encouraged’ is : Discouraged
  37. A ___ of puppies | Ans: litter
  38. Raju could not get ____ sugar | Ans: any
  39. An expert in choice of food : Gourmet
  40. The word meaning ‘tolerate’ is : endure
  41. I shall go there ____ you like it or not | Ans: whether
  42. One who speaks less : Reticent
  43. We are driving ____ a tunnel : through
  44. The opposite of ‘Wholesale’: Retail
  45. I am content ___ what I have | Ans: with
  46. An animal who preys on other animals: Predator
  47. A group of people ___ waiting outside to see you : is
  48. He has ten toes ___ his feet : on
  49. A place for sick people who need long periods of treatment or rest : Sanatorium
  50. The former minister is under a cloud now. ‘Under a cloud’ means: Under suspicion
  51. I look forward to _____ you again : seeing
  52. Use the collective noun – Fish : Shoal
  53. The weather has turned very – : warm
  54. Policemen riding on motor cycles as guards to a VIP : Outriders
  55. The antonym of ‘Professional’: Amateur
  56. The meaning of ‘Rivalled’: Competed
  57. One word for a collection of ships? – Fleet
  58. I have lost my __ of Keys? – Bunch
  59. The hunter was attacked by a __ of wolves – Were
  60. I feel __ about what happened – Bad
  61. I want to meet the artist __ has painted this picture – Who
  62. I met __ European tourist at the hotel – a
  63. Cows __ grass – Eat
  64. Sandeep speaks English __ – well
  65. You may sit __ – When you are tired.
  66. Stubborn means? – Obstinate
  67. The opposite of the word SYNTHETIC is – Natural
  68. An unmarried woman is called – Spinster
  69. Bibliophile means – One who loves books.
  70. A man whose wife is dead is called – Widower

General English Questions – One word substitutes

  1. The original inhabitants of a country – Aborigines
  2. The boy at the state of growth between boyhood and youth – Adolescent
  3. The science or philosophy of beauty – Aesthetics
  4. One who holds the belief that nothing is known about the existence of God – Agnostic
  5. A state of body in which the cells are specially sensitive to certain substances – Allergy
  6. A foreigner – Alien
  7. A person who loves others – Altruist
  8. A warlike or masculine woman – Amazon
  9. One who does things for pleasure and not for money – Amateur
  10. One having the faculty of using both his hands; a double dealer  – Ambidextrous
  11. A proclamation; general pardon of the offenses of subjects against the government – Amnesty
  12. Having the power of living in two elements, air and water – Amphibious
  13. One who excites/ignites disorder in a state – Anarchist
  14. The science which treats the internal structure of organized bodies, as elucidated by dissection – Anatomy
  15. A substance which has the power of depriving one of feeling or sensation. – Anesthetic
  16. Any error which implies the misplacing of persons or events in time – Anachronism
  17. A work of art, the name of whose author is not known or acknowledged. – Anonymous
  18. A scientist who studied the development of man from his earliest beginnings – Anthropologist
  19. A place where aquatic are kept – Aquarium
  20. A plant that grows in water – Aquatic
  21. A person chosen or appointed by parties in controversy to decide their differences. – Arbitrator
  22. One skilled in the science of antiquities – Archaeologist
  23. The rule of the nobility; the rich and the sophisticated of the society – Aristocracy
  24. A place where weapons are manufactured and stored – Arsenal
  25. One who is skilled in the science of the celestial bodies, their nature, magnitudes, etc – Astronomer
  26. One who does not profess faith of God – Atheist
  27. Biography or memoirs of a person written by himself – Autobiography
  28. The government of an absolute monarch – Autocracy
  29. Personal observations : in medical science, post-Mortum examinations – Autopsy
  30. A building for the keeping, rearing and breeding of birds – Aviary

Common grammar mistakes in English

Wrong WordsCorrect Words
I lost my luggagesI lost my luggage
He both speaks Hindi and MalayalamHe speaks both Hindi and Malayalam
I should meet the staff membersI should meet the members of the staff
When three years old my father diedWhen I was three years old, my father died
Chitra sings goodChitra sings well
I met my cousin brother last weekI met my cousin last week
I should never interfere your lifeI should never interfere with your life
My ear is painingMy ear is paining me
He told to her storyHe told her the story
Kerala is beautiful stateKerala is a beautiful state
All of the trees did not have any fruitNone of the trees had any fruit
We will go and enjoyWe will go and enjoy ourselves

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