From Academics to Profession

The world is full of opportunities and with opportunities come challenges. The journey that a young fellow starts from his student life to professional life is the most decisive journey of his life. This article will discuss what can be done to make this journey fruitful and beneficial altogether. Life is never unjust, it is our selections that take us from one position to another. Anything important that is done without planning and without setting out targets will result in vain. Just like that if a student has no goals or future perceptions and targets, he/she will spend these golden years of school and college in the darkness of uncertainty. Stepping in a profession is similarly very important part of some one’s life. One’s professional life has a never ending impact of his/her academic life achievements. A lucrative job designation is what every professional seeks but not everyone is lucky enough to get what he aspires of.

A well planned academic and professional life is consisted of the following:-


A student in his 7th or 8th grade starts to idealize professions. This is the time when mentors and counselors should deeply analyze a student’s interests in relation to his capabilities and skills and start to suggest him academic subjects and activities that can help him explore his strengths accordingly. Remember that mind making process plays an important role in a student’s meaningful academic life. If you had been living a life without a goal then your life is meaningless. Give your life a meaning and that is possible only by targeting an objective to achieve in your life. The higher the objective of your life is the better will be your character. It is the greatness of one’s objective that brings betterment in one’s character.


To achieve what you plan, you have to be dedicated and devoted towards your goal. Without concentrating on studies and extracurricular activities you cannot give as much input as required by your academic goals. Once a lecturer was asking students of an engineering class if what describes devotion and dedication. Some of the students said devotion is best described by the struggle and hard work you put in to achieve your target. The lecturer said devotion is to end your life for your dreams.


It is vital for a student to study books other than his/her academic syllabus as the famous saying goes, readers are leaders. Book reading helps develop your personality and thoughts. It also broadens your thoughts etc. Being a student you need motivating forces, you need inspirational sources. Reading biographies can help you attain enough self motivation to stick with your target. Learning from experiences of others is the best tool of cutting down risks in your life. Reading also enhances your vision and perspective about world. It helps you develop a mature worldview.


Partying does not mean indulging in illegal activities. A social circle of nice friends will help you stay focused to your life goals while the company of bad friends will surely distract you from your goals. Although it is cool to be acting like studs. The fashion of the day is drugs, weed, pod and cocaine. Call it by the most cool sounding names and no sophisticated society will ever approve it.


You should make up your mind in your high school about your profession. What suits you the best and what grabs your attention the most. Take an overview of yourself and the profession you like then point out what you possess and what you lack. It is very important for you to have a clearer vision of your future in your mind. Do not follow others instead be a trend setter not a trend follower. Do not wait for your professional life to welcome you, just start stepping into it right now.


For excelling in any profession you should start from the scratch and after developing expert level skills in the profession you can expect of a better professional position. Initially you may have to work on low wages. But as you progress and learn to work money wouldn’t be a problem.

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