Four ways to improve your communication with others

In our daily lives, communication is something which is not consistent. We are all surrounded by different kinds of environmental hazards and potentials which could break or make a communication. In our daily lives there are messages which we clearly understand and can respond to while there are messages that we fail to correctly interpret, this is the basic difference between a good and a bad communication. Similarly, when we are communicating with others, we are also under the same environment where certain messages might be delivered correctly, but others just fail due to odd reasons. Throughout our lives, we develop these habits that can help us improve our communication or sometimes we develop practices which often hurt our communication unintentionally. This is the reason, it is important to understand the difference between what is good and what is bad when it comes to effective communication. Today’s guest post will talk about four ways of improving your communication with others in very simple steps.

Having one conversation at a time

Multitasking is good when you are practically working on something, not when you are conversing or talking to people. In your academic life, you are taught to have one conversation at a time by waiting and raising your hands before you talk. This rule applies in life after school as well, consider having one conversation at a time. When you give your undivided attention to receiving and delivering the messages, the promptness, appropriateness and interpretation, all become much improved during communication. People sometimes, if not talking to other people on the face, are busy doing the same through their computers like chatting or through phones like texting, this also contributes to having more than one conversation at a given moment.

Look at the people when talking

While conversing via a face to face communications, looking at the people while talking is very important. It helps you develop a connection and improves attention span for both the receiver and the sender. Sometimes you might face resistance from people who are not comfortable with making eye to eye contact during the initial conversation, here you can direct your attention to their forehead, which will make it seem like you are shifting away from their eyes, but still keeping a straight on focus. This practice is one of the best ways of improving your face to face conversations.

Ask questions

To ensure your message was correctly delivered and the receiver has understood the message, ask questions related to that. You can ask two basic questions: one is to repeat what was being said and second, to clarify if there was any confusion in understanding the message.

Write things down

When you are sitting in an important meeting or a conversation, you can start to note or write things down. This can help you focus more on the message and maintain key points of the conversation for future references. The same can be done when you are communicating with people around you. Doing this, you will notice a drastic change in the effectiveness of your communication.

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