Four types of technology addicts you would come across

In any workplace or a firm where technology plays a crucial role in the operations and management, you will have an IT department fully operating with a reasonable work force. This department is unique on its own. The reason being the fact that they will not really contribute to the company’s revenue generation if it is not an IT firm, but still the company may not be able to operate without this department.

These people run your laptops, wires, computers, servers and what not. Anything related to the technological world and computers, you have the people working in the IT department who will be responsible for it. However, within that department, you will also find different and varied types of profiles of individuals working in the same unit. This is what differentiates one technological geek from another within the same team. Today’s academic blog will talk about four types of technological geeks you will come across in your daily lives.

The Empty Suit- The go to guy

This guy in your department is probably a very experienced and a kind of senior resource within the company. He has been with the company for a long time and now knows the inside out of the technology department. The guy is usually someone who will be responsible for interacting with the upper-level management and solving the key technical technology related issues within the company. You can also call him the manager of IT department. He will have lots of PR outside the IT team and most people in the company will have his name directly come to mind whenever there is the smallest of issues. The guy will also have a much cooler personality compared to other geeks in this department. However, his spare time hobbies will probably only include computers or gadgets.

The Scary Sys Admin- The weird guy

This is the person who you should be most scared of. He is not really good with interpersonal or social skills so he might come to you as someone who is too arrogant. The guy himself is pretty introvert but knows each and every part of all the machines that are being operated in the firm. For any technical fault, the senior IT management will rely on him to fix. He is the kind of guy who would gladly sits late at nights or weekends for a simple server upgrade.

The Human roadblock- The dragging one

This is a person who will frustrates you the most. He will bring a long list of rules and protocols to be followed, doesn’t matter how small a task you want to get done. He will literally be a roadblock for you to cross over.

The Angry Drone- Frustrated soul

This will be the person who is not happy with his upper management and blames them for his slow career. He will usually be the most frustrated guy in the department and his job will make him angrier. He will usually be going from table to table frequently to fix basic computer related issues or install basic operating programs on the computer.

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